I Love You, Kitteh Sweatuh!

It’s no secret that I’m a total cat lady. So when I found the most adorable kitty sweater kitteh sweatuh ever on ModCloth, you better believe I jumped on it. Too bad that this day was a bit too cold to wear the sweater just by itself. It was so windy that I was too chicken to take off my jacket even for a quick photo snap.

Aside from being super cute, the sweater is mega comfy and has the perfect amount of slouchiness. It’s a bit too long to wear untucked — but since your girl is a super shorty, I can actually also wear the sweater as a dress. Hey, whadya know, there are some advantages to being ├╝ber petite after all!

Outfit Combo: sweater from ModCloth, skirt from Marc Jacobs, shirt from Forever21, peacoat from Victoria’s Secret, tights from Spanx, shoes from Zara.

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2 Comments to I Love You, Kitteh Sweatuh!

  1. Jess's Gravatar Jess
    December 3, 2013

    Get yo cat sweater outta my FACE!