Rules To Baring The Midriff

April 18, 2017

The Fifth Label One Way Ticket Jeans

Spring is here and the good 75° weather is finally showing it’s face, albeit intermittently hidden between some colder days. Everybody’s racing to show all the skin that was sadly hidden during the wintertime, even if it makes you look a bit confused. I mean, come on, no two outfit piece is more of an odd couple than the crop top and cashmere-wool coat. But that’s what I had to layer on this sunny but breezy day. Sure wearing a crop top is all fine and great when you’re out in the sun, but once you’re in the shade and a cool spring breeze rolls through? One word, five letters: n-i-p-p-y.

Speaking of baring the midriff, this is something that I’ve only dabbled with of late. In the past, I kind thought that it was a fashion trend that’s reserved only for skinny models with 15% body fat. Sure I like to work out, but I also love cheeseburger and fried chicken way too much to ever have a “model thin” body. So I didn’t think I would ever dare show my tummy. But I’ve recently seen more people of all shapes and sizes donning the bare midriff trend, and it’s making me think twice about my preconception. This got me to start experimenting with more crop tops and bra tops. From all my trial and error, I’ve come up with what I think is a pretty good guidelines to success when it comes to baring the midriff.

1. Wear Your Size
This is probably the most important rule. Let’s face it, nobody looks good on clothes that are too small or too tight on them. But this error is especially devastating on the more voluptuous bodies. Dem jellies need to breathe, so please don’t stifle them. Plus it means you’re going to be even more uncomfortable after you’ve eaten your fried chicken and waffles brunch. Trust me, I learned this the hard way.

2. Go High Waisted
High waisted bottoms, specially the stretchy waisted ones, are your best friends when you want to wear a crop top. Stay away from bottoms that hit below the belly button. I hate that feeling when you sit down and your pants make a muffin top bulge on your lower belly. Then you have to nonchalantly pull your pants up to go over your belly folds while nobody’s looking. Not a sexy move.

3. When It Comes To Crop Tops, Looser is Better
This kind of goes hand in hand with rule #2 and #3. Wearing tight crop tops, combined tight bottoms, can make one look like an overstuffed sausage. And that’s not cute.

4. Still Feeling Overexposed? Add a Vest or Jacket
Ok so you’re tummy is taking baby steps in coming out. Hey it’s all good. Just top the outfit off with vest or jacket. You can always button or unbutton it depending on how sassy you feel.

5. Know You Look Good
At the end of the day, you should wear your clothes for you and nobody else. So do you, girl. Know that you look good in what you’re wearing and don’t let nobody tell or make you feel otherwise. You are beautiful!

The Fifth Label One Way Ticket Jeans

The Fifth Label One Way Ticket Jeans

The Fifth Label One Way Ticket Jeans

The Fifth Label One Way Ticket Jeans

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