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So you want to get to know about me and Mimi & Chichi, huh? Ain’t that a bit personal!?

MimiAndChichi.com is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog curated by yours truly, Gita. When it comes to styling, I believe that one should adopt a pragmatic point of view. Because let’s face it, if you can’t pair that piece of clothing with at least three items from your closet, there’s no point in buying it. I’m ever on the hunt for that perfect face cream, love to try new kinds of food, and is a self-professed crazy cat lady.

So what’s up with the name? Who’s the Mimi and who’s the Chichi? I started the blog years and years ago, in a galaxy far far way (only half-joking about that second part). The blog was once a duo of myself and my BFF, Jess. At the time we started the blog, self-promotion was not something that came natural to us and thus we felt a bit weird naming the blog after ourselves. So we decided to name it after after our pets: Mimi and Monchichi (Chichi). Since then, the blog has gone through a few changes. Mimi the cat passed in late 2014 (RIP baby girl) and Jess decided to discontinue blogging in early 2017 (don’t worry we’re still BFFs). But hey, I really like the name so I’m sticking to it.

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