This Denim Jumpsuit is Anything But Boring

March 28, 2019

C/MEO Collective Denim Jumpsuit

I feel like as a fashion blogger, I’ve seen it all. After all, a big part of my job is spent sifting through trends and perusing (read: shopping) for items to style the next photoshoot. It’s not often where I see something and go: okay that’s a bit different. This C/MEO Collective denim jumpsuit was one of those that gave me pause (and which was immediately followed by a “gimme must have it now” hand gesture).

Jumpsuits are nothing new and novel, but the design and material of this is a change from what I’m used to. Usually denim jumpsuits are not really true denim, but is rather a chambray. This jumpsuit has the feel and weight of true denim, which aside from the lovely substance, has a nice added bonus of being more wrinkle resistant. I’m also a huge fan of the puffy sleeve details. If this was made from any other material, that puff sleeve would deflate easily. The structure of the denim ensures that the jumpsuit will always have the full puff effect.

Another reason why this jumpsuit is bomb is its versatility. I styled this for a breezy day with Uniqlo heattech turtle neck shirt layered underneath. But you could easily wear it without an undershirt, which makes it wearable for multiple seasons.

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Mixing Knit and Faux Fur

March 25, 2019

How to mix knit with faux fur

I hope I convinced you with my last blog post that you shouldn’t pack your fur jackets just yet. I’m not sure what the weather is like were you live, but here in New York, we’ve got weather predictions that ranges from the low 30s to the mid 60s in the next two weeks. In other words, there are plenty opportunities for you to don your fuzzy jackets.

One of the easiest unexpected items to pair them with is knit sweaters, which I’m almost certain everyone has in their closet. If you don’t yet, you definitely should invest in one, since you’ll be able to wear them will into late Spring. Once the weather gets warmer, you can wear them sans fur (or any outerwear for that matter). They even look great paired with a fun spring-y floral maxi skirt.

Read on to see more of my knit-and-fur outfit as well as some of my favorite knit sweater picks.

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How To Wear Fur for Spring

March 21, 2019

How to wear fur for spring

The first day of Spring may have passed already, but that doesn’t mean you should put your fur jacket in storage. Gone are the days of “this item is only for that season.” And let’s keep it real, depending on where you live, early Spring can still be pretty chilly. So wearing fur for Spring can be both stylish AND practical.

Read on for a few practical tips on how to style the fur jacket for Spring.

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How to Wear The Trend: Earth Tones

March 19, 2019

Earth Tones

Earth tones are not something that I used to be a fan of, especially the brown ones. I thought that being brown-skinned myself, wearing earth tones would get me in danger of disappearing into my clothes.

But I’ve since changed my mind. I think there’s an air of sophistication about mixing shades of neutrals (and I’m counting my skin color as one of those shades). Here are some tips on how to wear the trend.

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Easy Layering Tricks

March 6, 2019

easy layering tricks

I used to find layering so intimidating. Probably because I grew up in Jakarta, a tropical city where the weather is typically a balmy 86°. And then in my teenage years, I moved to Texas, yet another (sort of) warm city. So I guess you can say I didn’t “grow up” learning how to layer. But really, layering doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult if you know the tricks. Read on to find out some of my favorites.

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90’s Kid

February 27, 2019

Some Odd Pilot Negative Crewneck Sweatshirt

Nowadays I may be struggling to keep all of my clothes contained into my small NYC-sized closet, but that wasn’t always the case. In the 90’s, my awkward ungainly self went to a middle-school that had uniforms. And it’s likely a good thing too. If I didn’t, I probably would have to repeat my wardrobe ever week since I didn’t have much of it.

Back in those days, I used to haunt the mall after school. Every time, there were three spots we had to visit: arcade, food court, and this small boutique that sells skater-inspired clothing. I remember thinking that store is epitome of cool. And I used to be so jealous of my friends who’s parents gave them enough allowance to buy something from the store on every trip. This outfit is for that little 90’s kid in me, wearing my skater-inspired outfit (that I buy with my own money, thank you very much).

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How to Wear a Sheer Dress

February 20, 2019

Bill Blass Tulle Dress

Styling a sheer dress can be intimidating, especially as winter wear. But honestly, the winter time is probably one of the easiest time to wear a sheer dress. Especially if you’re not looking to show off any bits (more power to those who do, but I’m not ready for that yet). What’s the quickest surefire way to style a sheer dress? Layer an all black base underneath of heattech turtleneck top and compression tights. If you want, you can also add a additional layer of black slip dress. Add some chunky 80’s inspired gold accessories and combat boots, and you’re ready to go!

Feeling extra chilly? Leather jackets pretty much goes with everything and would be a great addition to this outfit. Scroll down to see more of this outfit and a line up of my favorite sheer dress.

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The Other Way to Wear Your Shirt Dress

February 18, 2019

H&M v-neck shirt dress

You should try to get the most wear out of every piece of clothing you own. So I’m a big fan of the pieces that can be styled multiple different ways because they get the most milage. I bought this H&M v-neck dress initially to wear just as a regular ol’ dress. But as I’m trying it on the night before the shoot I thought: maybe there’s a better way to wear it. Especially since the weather’s probably a little too nippy for me to wear the dress on its own.

So instead I decided to wear the dress as a duster-style jacket, layered over extra warm heattech turtleneck shirt and a flattering high-waist jeggings. Read on to see more of this outfit.

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Life’s Too Short To Fake It

February 7, 2019

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Astroglide. All opinions are 100% mine.

Fake Fur Not Orgasm

Remember that time in sex-ed when they talked about orgasms? Yeah, I don’t either. A lot of the sex talk I remember from my teenage years typically revolves around not getting pregnant, or not getting a disease. We don’t ever really talk about the other O-stuff. So I guess it makes sense that when we grow up, orgasm is a topic that still doesn’t get talked about much.

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In Black and White

February 7, 2019

H&M jacket with fringe

When dressing myself, usually I start by picking a piece of clothing and then build around that. Sometimes I pick a statement item that narrows the option of the items I can pair it with. Other times, I start with the most basic of basic like high-waist jeggings. When you go with the latter, you’re pretty much starting with a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless.

So when I’m stumped on what item to add next to the outfit, I pick another parameter to narrow the options. For this outfit, I chose only items that are black and white. Mixing-and-matching patterns and textures are fair game, as evidenced with the jacket and booties, as long as you stick to the same color family.

Read on to see more photos of this outfit.

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