Go To This All-inclusive Resort in the Poconos for Your Next Vacation

October 3, 2019

Get your bags packed because a trip to Woodloch Resort, an all-inclusive resort in the Poconos, is the next vacation you’re going to want to have.

I had been hunting for the perfect family vacation spot. I was looking for something easygoing, where the all the activities happen in close proximity to our hotel room. This way we can easily take breaks in the middle of the day for Maxine’s nap. Anyone who has a 15-month old knows you’re beholden to that almighty nap-time. They can really put a cramp on your vacation if you don’t plan properly.

So the first thing that came to mind is a all-inclusive beach vacation or maybe even a cruise. But our problem is we really only have a long weekend to spare, so we didn’t want to travel far. And definitely nowhere far enough that required air travel. Since our travel radius was limited to a 3 hour driving distance, we originally thought that an all-inclusive type of place is surely out of the question. That is until I saw a blog on Woodloch Resort.

Huzzah, I found me an all-inclusive resort in the Poconos (that’s only 2.5 hour driving distance from New York City). And it’s an award winning one to boot! I was even more excited when they agreed to partner with me and let me write a blog on my experience in exchange for a weekend’s stay.

Beautiful Resort Tucked in the Poconos

The first thing that struck me when I got here was how pretty this place is. As a New Yorker, I love me my concrete jungle. But sometimes you need a break from all that hot asphalt and escape to the woods.

We were a big fan of how huge the rooms are. We stayed in one of the Edgewater suite, which is a one bedroom suite with two queen beds and a living room with a pullout couch. There was only three of us, but the room could easily accommodate six people. Based on our request, they had a crib ready for Maxine. I’m always a big fan of staying in suites with a separate bedroom because this makes putting her down for naps and bedtimes so much easier.

I think its a testament to how family friendly they are that all of the electrical sockets were covered with child-proof covers. This was certainly the first time I ever noticed a hotel doing it. It made me feel good about letting Maxie crawl all over the room: another big bonus.

Amenities and activities galore

There are seriously so much to do here that I was a bit bummed we were only there for the weekend. When you first check in to the hotel, they will give you a map along with they day’s activities list. And let me tell ya, this list goes on and on. Its so jam packed that they have to print it on double sided paper: one side has the standing activities, while the other has ones that changes from day-to-day. It can be a bit overwhelming to pick what to do. But the staff is there to help you plan your visit.

Something to do rain or shine, all year long

When you think of a place like Woodloch, you might think that this is a great place for a summer vacation. While this is true, Woodloch is actually a great place to visit all year long. They’ve got tons of fun indoor activities, like bumper cars and a gigantic indoor jungle gym that makes the McDonald’s playplace look like a pillow fort.

We came the weekend after Labor Day, so the weather was just cooling down. Although we spent time in the wading pool outside, we ended up spending most of our time in the indoor pool. Maxine had such a fun time in the toddler pool. Mommy was (almost) tempted to go on the super slide, but then decided against getting my hair wet.

The staff makes this place special

Although I was already a fan of the place, what really sold me on Woodloch is their friendly staff. You get the same table for breakfast lunch and dinner during your stay. This also means that you get the same waitstaff for your entire stay. Carol D was ours and she really just made our stay super special. She really took care of us and Maxine took to her immediately.

Needless to say, my family and I had the best time at Woodloch Resport. I’m so looking forward to going back. Although I can’t decide between going in the Winter or Summer. What do you guys think: snow tubing or water skiing? Oh heck, I might just have to go twice so I can do both!

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