Five Best Places To Shop for the Trendsetter in Your List

December 2, 2020

Five Best Places To Shop for the Trendsetter in Your List

When it comes to gifting, clothing is not an easy thing to shop for. Especially if that person on your holiday list is the kind who’s always doing the most. Because let’s keep it real, you can’t get them just any ol’ thing thats available at the mall. Looking for that one of a kind gift that will fit right in a trendsetter’s closet? Read on because I’ve got the five best places for you to shop from. Bonus: you’ll also be supporting small businesses while you do it.

1. Fashion Brand Company

My sister introduced me to this brand when she got me the hand harness. I love the brand’s quirky sense of style. You’re definitely not at risk of looking basic when them. They don’t make very many of the same piece, so you’re definitely not at risk of twinning with a stranger either. Did I mention they also make lizard clothing?

2. Natali Komoroto

If you’re looking for CUTE, you’ll find it here because her stuff is cute with a capital C! Pretty much all of the items sold are on limited stock. So if you see something you like, you better get them ASAP because they will sell out quickly.

3. Sewit Sium

If you’re looking for trendy statement jewelry, then look no further than Sewit Sium. Just a warning though: you might come here with the intention of buying a gift. But you may leave with getting pieces for yourself.

4. Kina And Tam

DYING at hoy friggin cute the cardigans are from here. I mean sweater season is pretty much all year long if you count the AC during the summer time. So that makes them extra good gifts, right?

5. Nou Nou

If you’re reading this because you’re my husband and you’re looking for ideas on what to get me. Get me everything on the website, please. I love them all.

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