Spacekit: The No Hammer, No Nails, Rental-Friendly Wall Art Kit

March 18, 2021

Spacekit: The No Hammer, No Nails, Rental-Friendly Wall Art Kit

I’ve lived in a rental pretty much my whole life. My living space always has a feel of impermanence to it, which makes me hesitant to paint walls or put up artwork that requires serious hardware. Because I know I’ll eventually be responsible for patching up any nail holes and repainting the walls before I move out.

So of course I was excited to hear about Spacekit, which promises easy-to-install quality modular wall art (with no hammer or nails required).

But first let me tell you about Spacekit

Spacekit is a fairly new company that was launched in 2020. They were started by a group of designers with a background in constructing stage design for live events. When Covid brought a halt to live events, they pivoted to a new market: home decor. You can still see echoes of stage design work within the DNA of the products. The wall art kits are modular, extendable, and can be retrofitted to a variety of spaces.

And what makes Spacekit a game changer is the installation. Instead of the typical hammer and nails, you simply stick it on. This means that you can change the set up of your art with ease, without having to do the annoying work of busting out the putty and paint to cover up old nail holes. And before you think “stick on” means low quality, think again. Spacekit is made of high quality tree-free material and with sustainability in mind.

Spacekit: Rental-Friendly Wall Art Kit

All the different rental-friendly ways you can have your Spacekit

There are two ways you can shop for your Spacekit. You can either peruse a curated panel of pre-made designs, which has set sizes and number of panels. Or you can create a custom design using their configurator. Using the tool, you can not only play around with the different patterns and colors, but also different spacing and orientation (eg: square vs. diamond).

I personally fell in love with the spots design as soon as I saw it, so I didn’t spend much time playing around with the configurator.

Setting up your Spacekit

Your kit comes with everything you’ll need to set up your wall art, including levelers and spacers (in case you want to set up your art with spacing in between). They even give you extra adhesive just in case you mess up and need to move things around. Spoiler alert: I totally did mess up and was so glad they provided those extra adhesive.

Having an assembly line with grouped materials will help you speed through the installation process.

The kit comes with written instructions, but you can also find the installation videos, which I found a bit more helpful, online.

Remember when I told you I messed up and had to take some panels off? It really was a breeze to remove. And afterwards, there was definitely zero mark and no sign that there was ever anything on the wall.

Final thoughts on the rental-friendly Spacekit

It definitely felt good to be able to install everything myself. They promised it would be easy. And it truly was really easy. And true to it’s rental-friendly name, it’s just as easy to uninstall with no damages done to your wall.

As far as design goes, Spacekit is still at its infancy, so their option is somewhat limited. But they’re continuously adding new patterns. Four have been added since I made my order just over a month ago, one of which gave me major FOMO. So I’m excited to see what other patterns they’ll come up with and will definitely consider them next time I’m looking to fill up a wall.

I also wonder how far they’ll go in the customization route. I would be the first in line if they ever allow users to upload their own design.

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Spacekit: The No Hammer, No Nails, Rental-Friendly Wall Art Kit

Spacekit:  Rental-Friendly Wall Art Kit

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