The Softest Affordable Cardigan You Need in Your Closet Right Now

November 24, 2020

the softest cardigan that won't break the bank

I remember going to this PR event about two years ago where I saw these beautifully soft cashmere cardigans. I was so excited about them, until seeing price tag made me want to fall on the floor. Why the shock? Let’s just say there were four digits next to that dollar sign. So although they we’re undeniably gorgeous, they we’re just NOT going to happen.

When I’m shopping for clothing, I always have my eye on value. How many times will I wear this piece? How much reuse and how long will I own it? And then the obvious: how much does it cost?

This rhinestone-button cardigan is definitely a high value item. It looks great paired with casual jeans or tucked into dressy slacks. I can wear it pretty much all year long: it will keep me warm from the chilly breeze in the Fall and the nippy office A/C in the Summertime. The cardigan is also so soft that wearing it will make you feel like being hugged by a cloud. Oh and did I mention it’s also priced under $30? This is for sure the softest affordable cardigan that you’ll own.

Read on to see more of this rhinestone-button cardigan and my favorite cardigan picks, all buttery soft and priced affordably at under $50.

This H&M cardigan is so soft, it's like getting a hug from a cloud

My outfit combo: rhinestone button cardigan // cropped top // a-line denim skirt // simple treasures earrings

Looking for more of the softest affordable cardigan on the internet? Here are some of my favorites:

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these are the softest affordable cardigan you'll want to buy right now
the softest affordable cardigan you'll want to have in your closet right now
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