Peek into My Morning Routine + How to Score Free Aveo Contact Lens

September 19, 2019

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Aveo Vision. All opinions are 100% mine.

There’s nothing like having a child to put a spin on your life and routine. I feel like it took over a year for me to get something resembling a routine back into my morning. And boy, it definitely is a change from how things were before Maxine is around.

I’m sure this is no newsflash to many parents, but a big part of my routine happens before my daughter wakes up. Fun fact: statistically speaking, most kids Maxine’s age wakes up around 6:30 – 7:30am (yes this is a real stat — @ me if you want the source). And yup, this means that I wake up very very early.

Read on for more of my morning routine and how to nab a free month of contact lenses from Aveo Vision.

Oh Baby, Why Do You Have to Wake up So Early?

Mommy wants to sleep in just five more minutes please…

Oh how I loooove to snooze before my daughter came into the picture. Sadly, since then, I don’t have time for and have had to break up with the snooze button. I typically try to get out of bed and be in the shower no later than 6:30am. This way I can hopefully be dressed and have make up on before Maxine wakes up at 7am.

If you’re wondering where working out fits in this picture: it doesn’t. That is the one thing I haven’t been able to successfully incorporate into my morning routine just yet. Mostly because it means I need to wake up even earlier — and I’m not so great at going to bed early. So we’re still working on this part. Mommies and daddies: if you’ve got tips on the work out department, I’m all ears.

The Power of Prepping the Night Before

How successful my morning is typically depends on how well I prep the night before. At the very least, I try to make sure Maxine’s lunch is packed the night before. This cuts down a good 15 minute of my morning routine — and every precious morning minute counts!

I also try to prep my outfit for the next day and put it in the bathroom. As we get closer to her wake up time, Maxine becomes more and more of a light sleeper. Her crib happens to also be in our bedroom. So once I’m out of there, I try to be out until I’m ready to wake her up. Once she sees that mommy is up, it’s game over: she’s going to complain until I take her out of the crib.

Team Glasses or Team Contacts? It Depends on The Morning

About two years ago, I made the conscious decision to wear glasses more. I was diagnosed with chronic dry eyes and I was developing an unhealthy habit of wearing my contacts past their expiration date.

But this didn’t mean that I abandoned contacts completely. Lets face it, some outfits, hairstyles and accessories just don’t go well with glasses. And I absolutely abhor wearing glasses when it’s raining out. There’s nothing more annoying that having to constantly wipe rain spray from your glasses.

So while I’m still squarely a big fan of glasses, you’ll also find a contact lens stash in my medicine cabinet. One change that I made when I decided to wear glasses more is to switch to daily contacts. I find that it’s better for my eye health since you won’t find me using it past when I’m supposed to (I chuck it at the end of the day). And it’s actually way more economical than monthly contacts. Yep, you read that right: it’s healthier AND less expensive.

You are supposed to throw away monthly reusable contacts 30 days after you take it out of the packaging, as the “monthly” name suggests. This is true if you use them everyday. And it’s also true if you used glasses for the majority month and only used contact lenses here and there. Daily contact lenses on the other hand stay good in their packaging until you use them. So they are a much cheaper option for people like myself who don’t wear contact lenses all the time.

Use code GITA40 to get your first month of Aveo Vision contact lens for FREE and 40% off of your second month (expires December 31, 2019)

I’ve been a fan of Aveo Vision contact lens since I’ve found them. Their AquaLock technology keeps my eyes more hydrated even after 12-hrs of wear, so it’s great for those long work days. They even have built in UV protection as the lenses blocks on average 97% UVB and 87% UVA. And unlike most other contacts out there, Aveo contacts are also naturally biocompatible. This means that they’re made without artificial agents that can irritate peeps with sensitive and dry eyes (read: me). And yes, being naturally biocompatible makes the contacts more sustainable as well. Speaking of sustainability,

I’m also all about the fact that Aveo produces their contact with the environmental-friendliness in mind. They use 20x less water to manufacture and the packaging is 100% recyclable. It’s not everyday you find companies that is committed to making quality products without harming the environment, so I’ve got to give them props on that.

All of this comes at an affordable price of $33/mo for Aveo Hello (or $55/mo for Aveo Joy, their toric lenses for astigmatism). Even better, for a limited time you can try them out for free! Use code GITA40 to get your first month for free and get 40% off of your second month.

How Motherhood Has Gotten Me to Wear Contact Lenses More

Funnily enough, being a mom has gotten me to wear contact lenses more. It’s the same reason I wait to put on my lipstick until after I drop her off at daycare. Mommy just loves to give Maxie a big smushy hug and kiss. And man, those glasses like to get in the way sometimes. Another practical reason I’ve been wearing my contacts more mornings? Maxine loves to grab and swipe at my glasses. There seem to always be teeny prints on my poor poor glasses.

So What Happens After the Princess Wakes Up?

Try as I might to get everything ready before Maxine wakes up, it rarely works out that way. Usually there’s always about 10 minutes of me frantically trying to get things ready with a soundtrack of her hungry babbles in the background. Before I go in to get her, I feed the cat, get the stroller ready by the door, and put my purse and her lunch in the undercarriage.

Then finally, once I’ve got everything set up, I go in to change her and get ready for daycare. She has her breakfast of yogurt and maple puffs, and then we’re out the door.

WHEW! I feel like I’ve done a lot already and the day has barely started.

What do you guys think of my morning routine? Anything surprised you?

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