Why Your Boo Should Totally Get a Custom Made Suit from InStitchu

November 10, 2019

Huzzah, I finally convinced hubby to get a made-to-measure suit! To say this is an accomplishment would be an understatement, since (no exaggeration) it took me years to do this. A couple of not-so-cheap failed attempts at getting off the rack suits, paired with an upcoming wedding we’re going to, was just the thing to convince him to try the custom, made-to-measure route.

I always joke around that when Chris married me, he also got a personal shopper as part of the deal. But he’s notoriously hard to shop for. Although I can say I’m pretty good at women’s fashion, I can’t exactly say I’m an expert at men’s. And forget about suits — that’s some next level ish I’m not even going to try to tackle. To top it off, the upcoming wedding we’re going to is not the typical formal reception. The bride and groom are total sneakerheads and the invite states “strong sneaker game encouraged”. Ooookay then… time to get a little help because I’m not sure how to shop for a suit that’s going to work with sneakers.

A very dandy blogger friend of mine, Diego Leon, suggested I check out InStitchu. I’m so happy that he did because these guys not only sold me on it, but they got Chris on team custom suit as well. He, no joke, said that he can’t ever go back to buying them off the rack ever again.

Read on for more on our experience with InStitchu and why you should make the plunge to get a custom made suit from them as well.

Reason #1: He’s Going to Look Damn Good In It

I feel like this is an obvious no duh, but it still has to be said. Because a made-to-measure suit is tailored to fit one’s body, made to your specific measurements and design, it will fit perfectly and thus look better and more flattering than off the rack.

Reason #2: It’s More Efficient

Going custom, made-to-measure is more efficient than off the rack as it will let you accommodate for any specific need or occasion you have—you’re literally designing your suit/and or shirt from scratch. For Chris, the suit needs to first and foremost work for the upcoming wedding we’ll be attending. This means that it needs to look good with a pair of white sneakers he’s chosen to wear to the party. But realistically, we also want the suit to work post-wedding event. And on those occasions, he’ll likely pair them with black loafers.

A custom, made-to-measure suit lets you tick all the boxes easy peasy rice and cheesy. We worked with an expert InStitchu Stylist, Tim, who taught us all about the world of made-to-measure custom tailoring at their old-world feel signature New York showroom. Tim measured Chris and we picked a versatile fabric. Chris’ measurements and design was also saved to his online profile, meaning next time he can order his made-to-measure suit online from home and customize online or simply reorder the exact same suit! Tim also took care to ensure the suit pants were cut at the right length to accommodate the possible shoe pairings.

Use code MIMI to receive a free custom, tailored shirt with your suit purchase *

Reason #3: Customization Galore

As the name suggests, you will be customizing your suit choosing from hundreds of options. But I kinda thought custom means that it’s built to your size. Boy was I wrong. As well as the suit being made to your unique measurements (made-to-measure), there are so many customization options you can also choose from to customize your look—from the lapels, to the buttons to the lining, pant cuffs, closure and so much more—you can even choose to get your initials or name monogrammed on the inside of your suit or shirt cuff! There are so many customization options from lapels to buttons and even sleeve ribbons. It honestly can be a bit overwhelming. You can always lean on the expert InStitchu Stylist to help make the right decision.

One of Chris’s favorite customizations is the side tabs, which is the alternative to having belt loops. He’s forgotten to pack his belt on more than one occasion, so this is a total bonus. Plus it’s one less thing to worry about matching to the shoes. Side tabs are the sign of a made-to-measure custom suit, as the pants are made-to-measure, you don’t need a belt loop to keep your pants up!

Chris is usually a plain no-pattern kind of guy, but I talked him into going a little wild with the lining. What do you guys think of these flamingoes?

Reason #2: It’s Actually a Fun Process

You can purchase an InStitchu Suit and go through the customization process all online. But if you’re lucky enough to live near one of their Showrooms, you’re in for an experience. InStitchu also offer a perfect fit guarantee where they will alter or remake your garments complementary, so you can feel confident ordering online. They also have measurement algorithms that will pick up if you have entered an outlying measurement and their team will get in touch to help out. Their online videos on how to measure are actually really simple and straight-forward. We came with the Maxie in tow on a chill Saturday afternoon. I’m loving the whole living room vibe at their Showroom that makes you feel at ease. Did I mention they also have a fully stocked bar?

Ready to take the custom, made-to-measure suit plunge? Head over to InStitchu o learn more and check out all of their customization options and pre-designed looks that you can order to your measurements. Bonus: you can use code MIMI to receive a free custom, tailored shirt with your suit purchase*. Trust me: you’re not going to regret your decision to go team custom (and you’re never ever gonna want to switch back to the other team).

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* Offer Terms & Conditions: 1. Not applicable to wedding orders 2. All items to be placed under one order 3. Available online or in Showroom. 4. InStitchu reserves the right to end this offer at any time. 5. Whilst fabric stocks last. 6. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. 7. Some customisation options may incur an additional cost. 8. Offer valid until 11:59PM, 17 November 2019. 9. Not applicable on InStitchu $499 Suits. 10. Complimentary shirt is the lowest priced shirt in shopping basket, valued at up to $129.

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