Alexander McQueen Spring 2013 …Buzz Bee Chic

October 4, 2012

The new Alexander McQueen collection makes me want to get some bees and start harvesting my own honey. Because lets face it, those hats were buzzy chic. They are more than just an accessory (commonly known as a ‘hat’), they are wearable arts …And by the way, sunglasses just became so 2012.

On the real though, the models told a story on the runway. Starting with the bee keeper chic, moving to honey tone colors, and ending this symphony of the flower-esc patterns in full victorian skirted dresses. The structures, details, honey comb-esc shapes, tortoise shell pattern, full skirts, and bustiers — all screamed CLASSIC Lee McQueen. As a house of McQueen #1 fan, I LOVED everything about it. Sarah Burton has done it again and I personally can’t wait to see how these translate in retail stores… OH you haven’t pre-ordered yet?!???

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