Borrowing From The Boys

April 25, 2012

I’ve been really into the menswear look lately. When I visit the men’s department to shop for my hubby, oftentimes I find as many things to buy for myself as I do for him.

Read more to check out the list of “guy stuff” that are currently in my shopping list.

(listed in clockwise order)

Free Authority ‘Ramie’ Straw Fedora
When you buy hats made for guys, make sure you buy a size medium or small, since they tend to be bigger than hats made specifically for women.

J.Crew Thomas Mason Gingham Spread Collar Shirt
I recently discovered that I love borrowing my husband’s button ups. I pair them with a body hugging mini-dress from american apparel, roll up the sleeves, and tie the shirt around my waist (instead of buttoning them).

Gucci ‘Crest’ Dog Tag Necklace
This necklace would look super cute paired with the mini-dress / men’s shirt combo.

DIESEL ‘Benke’ Suspenders
There are just so many more options for suspenders in the men’s section than there are in the woman’s section — and you know I don’t like to limit my options.

Alexander Olch Check Cotton-Twill Bow Tie
I think it’s no secret that I have a bow tie obsession. So far I have not been able to find any bow ties that are specifically made for women, so I make shopping trips to the men’s department to find mine. I do occasionally have trouble with the neck sizes, since mine is smaller than 13 1/2 (usually the smallest adjustment option for bow ties). To remedy this, I secure my own ‘custom’ neck size with a safety pin. No one can see it when it’s tucked in under your shirt collar!

Tend Skin Aftershave
Hands down the best care I’ve found for curing razor bumps and ingrown hair. You can find this product in the men’s section at Sephora.

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