Little Red Riding Hood

February 5, 2013

Before I moved to New York, I typically avoided buying hooded jackets. I thought hoods look fussy — never mind that they don’t really serve a practical purpose.
Boy, was I wrong! You don’t really appreciate your hooded jacket until you get caught in a snow storm while walking to work (and you spent an hour beautifying your hair that morning).

Prior to transplanting to the city, I only had one hooded coat that didn’t match with very many of my outfits. So I swung by Uniqlo this past weekend and got myself a more versatile black puffer coat.
Now I’m totally hooked on the hood and I already got my sight on getting a red one next (my favorite color).

Which one should I go with? Hmmm… *ponder ponder*
1. Burberry Brit Oversized Parka – $1,470
2. Oasap Hooded Trenchcoat – $128
3. Burberry Brit Military Trench – $800
4. Duck Duck Umbrella – $17.99

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