Recipe: Cinnamuffins

February 3, 2014

The cold weather has sort of put me into hibernation mode. I mean, I just can’t go outside (you can’t make me). Which is sort of how cinnamuffin came to be. I wanted to eat some cinnamon rolls, cause really who doesn’t. BUT I didn’t want to go to the store (again, it is cold). I originally tried to bake them in a cake pan — mistake! The sizes were wrong and it was hard to pull them apart. LIGHT-BULB use the muffin pan (DUH!). The only problem now is I didn’t know what to call them. My original ideas consisted of: muffin top rolls, cinnamon roll muffins, etc. (I mean you get it, they were bad). I needed some professional assistance. Soooo, asked my girl Kim for name ideas AND cinnamuffins were born.

Keep reading for my cinnamuffins recipe!

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