Show Your Pets Love

February 9, 2012

Show Your Pets Love

Thinking about spoiling your pets with some Valentines presents? Check out our Valentines day pet picks for gift ideas.

Pet Treats
Valentines cookies and chocolates aren’t just for people anymore. Pets love them too—especially fatty pets (yes I am referring to Mimi and Monchichi) ^_^
Sweethearts Valentine Dog Treats, $19.99 – buy at Rockstar Puppy
Heart Box of V-day Treats, $17.95 – buy at
V-Day Sweetheart Cookies, $12.95 – buy at
Show Your Pets Love

Kiehl’s For Your Dog
kiehl’s for puppies, seriously?!?! I bet you had no idea that they have a line of pet care. With ingredients like Chamomile flower extract, your pup’s coat will be soft and super shiny! Now your dog can look as hot as you do.
Kiehl’s Cuddly-Coat Dog Grooming Shampoo, $17 – buy at Nordstrom
Kiehl’s ‘Cuddly-Coat’ Dog Conditioning Rinse, $17 – buy at Nordstrom
Kiehl’s ‘Spray-n-Play’ Dog Cleansing Spritz, $17 – buy at Nordstrom
Show Your Pets Love

Playtime Toys
Get some playtime with your puppy to exercise off all of that Valentines day doggie treats with this super adorable tennis ball. Comes in set of four.
Sweetie Pie Tennis Balls, $9.95 – buy at Humane Domain
Show Your Pets Love

Super Stylin’ Puppy
Yes, your dog will look hot and super bad ass in this hoodie.
Skeleton Dog Hoodie, $29 – buy at Rockstar Puppy
Show Your Pets Love

Kitty Hallucinogenics
Ah catnip, weed for kitties. What shows that you love your cat more than scoring her some kitty weed? In an awesome package to boot!
Heartthrob Catnip Gift Box, $19.50 – buy at Humane Domain
Show Your Pets Love

Pet Dishware
These bowls look way better than the regular boring ol’ food bowl and will definitely be nice decor for your home or apartment.
Buster Bowl, $48 – buy at Uncommon Goods
Cat Face Bowl, $24 – buy at Uncommon Goods
Show Your Pets Love

Spoiled Rotten
The ultimate in pet travel luxury. Nothing says “I’m the sh!t” quite like being carried around in one of these.
Gucci Dog Bag, $990 – buy at Gucci
Show Your Pets Love

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