So 80’s

November 29, 2011

So 80s
I am super excited to get to spend time with my sister this week. My sister, resident graphic illustrator for Mimi and Chichi, lives in Los Angeles (a.k.a. Hipsterland). So it was unsurprising that her favorite clothier is the very 80’s American Apparel.

High waist 80’s pants are not usually my cup of tea. But she pulled it off so well that it made me want to give the pants style a try. I loved it! This weekend’s sisterly bonding time will definitely include a trip to American Apparel for some high waist pants and oxford flats!

So 80s

Outfit Combo (on me): shirt from H&M, vintage scarf, pants from American Apparel, shoes from Michael Kors.
Outfit Combo (on my sister): clothing from American Apparel, shoes from Repetto, vintage Coach bag.

Just for kicks—and because the Amaro effect reminds me of it—here’s a picture of me and my mom, circa 1988. Yes, people did often confuse me for a boy. And yes, I am wearing super cool Kid n’ Play style shorts.
So 80s

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