Ready to Wear

May 28, 2012

Today is a day of remembrance. Remembrance of all the men and women who served our nation and sacrificed so much more than we can ever repay! Thank you for our freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of fashion.

A couple of days ago, Kim (aka kimberlyloc) and yours truly attended the Fashion Group International (FGI) — ‘Ready to Wear Trend’ presentation at the Nelson Atkins. At the show, we eyeballed and silently critiqued upcoming fashion trends in both United States and Europe. While there, we also met and interviewed several fashionistas from KC who are actively trying to become internationally known. Their vision and creativity were memorable and intriguing. We certainly didn’t have enough and can’t wait until the next event (mid June) and encourage you to come along with us; we <3 our fans! Outfit Combo: shirt: Victoria’s Secret (similar), jacket: H&M Fashion Star collection, shorts: Zara (similar), shoes: Madewell, sunglasses: Gucci (similar) and bag: Gucci (old similar style)

Neon twinsies… We didn’t plan this ^_^

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  • kimberlyloc May 28, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    this was such a great event! and too much fun getting dressed for it :) xo