Loosely Fishy

April 28, 2017

Do you guys have stores that are particular weaknesses for you? As in, you probably should not go in that store if you’re trying to save money. Because you just KNOW there is no way you’ll walk in and leave without buying anything. I’ve got a handful of those stores, one of them is Zara. I did an impromptu visit there a few weekends ago, because…well honestly I’m not sure why. Probably because I haven’t shopped in awhile (aka over a month) and I told myself I deserved a treat. I swear I was only here for 15-minutes but it’s amazing the amount of stuff that one can find in a short amount of time when you’ve been shopping deprived. I’m really digging the loose shirt trend that Zara has got going on. I’m mean come on, I’m all about any fashion trend that’s going to let me eat as much as I want. True story: I was on my way to eat massive amounts of tacos right after this photo shoot. And there are so many different ways to wear it. You can do the front tuck (like I did in this post), front half-tuck, or just let it all hang loose. I got three oversized shirts during my visit to Zara, and I’ll be showing you all the different ways to wear in it the coming weeks.

Of course, after I paid and was on my way out of the store I saw the cutest mid-heel pom pom sandals. I tried to resist. I even sort of succeeded because I left the store that day without it. Buuuuuuuut, I just ended up going back the next day to get it. It’s really really cute though, and comfortable to boot. I’ve walked miles around the city in them already. So no buyers remorse here over these sandals.

Before you read on, by the way, the rubes at FTC requires me to let you know that there may be affiliate links below.
Outfit Combo: oversized printed shirt from Zara, ripped boyfriend jeans from ASOS, leather mid heel pompom sandals from Zara, vali all over eyes from Min and Mon, 0507DW classic st. mawes watch from Daniel Wellington, hex symbol bracelet from Ettika, bennie round keyhole sunglasses from AQS.

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