November 17, 2014

Buongiorno! We apologize for being MIA last week BUT we have a good excuse. Our annual M&C trip… YAY! This time we went to ITALY (super loud excited voice #mcxitaly). There were so many places we wanted to see that we decided to do a pseudo-back packing trip through our top four cities. First stop… MILANO aka Milan (duh!). Due to our tight timeline (one week) we were only able to stay in Milan for a day (so SAD) BUT we do have some tips for those who are planning to visit this amazing city in the future.

First things first, pick the sights you want to see and get your tickets in advance. I’m talking WAY in advance. We ordered ours a month out and that was still cutting it a little close. We went to see the Duomo di Milano and Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. Our limited time left us with a list of so many other places we want to see in the future which basically means we need to go back!

Anyone else LOVE Milan and have a list of must see places?

Outfit Combo: top: J.Crew Endless shirt, Ralph Lauren denim jacket (similar here and here) and Zara plaid scarf (similar here and here), bottom: H&M leggings (similar here and here), shoes: Nike ‘Pre Montreal’ sneakers, and bag: Cole Haan Vestry Mini Crossbody

You can’t tell we are tourists or anything… The map totes doesn’t give it away (HA!)

Say Parmesan!

That’s going on Instagram!

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