Stay Fit Essentials

January 14, 2016

How’s that get fit new year’s resolution coming along? I hope it’s still going strong. If you’ve falter a bit, don’t give up, you still have 351 more days to perfect it. Read on to see a list of my stay fit essentials — might just be the thing you need to keep you going.

1. Classpass
I am a classpass addict. If you know me then you’ve probably had me pestering you at least once or twice to come to a yoga class with me (apologies in advance, it’ll probably happen one more time). Classpass gives you access to a network of of gyms and fitness studios, which is perfect for someone like me who gets bored easily by one type of workouts. New York happens to also be a perfect city for those who want variety. Name any workouts, no matter how obscure, there’s probably a studio that caters to it (and it’s likely to be in Classpass too). Using the pass, I’ve done everything from standup paddleboard yoga to trampoline dancing. For me, being able to jump around different workout classes keeps things from being boring and keeps me motivated.
Bonus advice: if you’ve got a competitive streak like me, you can also make things interesting by having a little side bet with your workout buddy on how many classes (or new studios) you can go to in one month.

2. Madewell Transport Tote
Carryall totes is so essential for my fitness life. When I lived in Texas, I basically had a storage unit with me at all times in the form of my car trunk. Now that I live in the city and commute with public transportation, I have to physically carry my gym equipment. That means my bag needs to fit my workout clothes, running shoes, water bottle, and even some travel sized toiletries for when I have to freshen up at the gym. I love oversized totes like the Transport Tote from Madewell that not only fit all my gym essentials, but also in nice enough the pair with my work clothes.

3. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 Flash
There are days where my I have a workout scheduled earlier in the evening. Coincidentally, those are always the days where I have a meeting that goes over and thus am scrambling to make it to my class. So I don’t have to mess around with changing when I’m already running late, I sometimes disguise my workout clothes as my work clothes. What does that mean? Black leggings, tunic tops long enough to cover my bum, and a blazer to “professionalize” things. Pair it with dark sneakers nice enough to pass as casual workwear, like the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 Flash, and suddenly you’re carryall tote is a lot lighter and you’re ready to do burpees at a moment’s notice.

4. Bobble Insulated Water Bottle
I know its ridiculous to be so excited over this, but the bobble insulated water bottle really is the shit. One of the best feature of the bottle is how well it keeps the water temperature. It’s almost as if the it makes the water colder as the longer it stays in. This is great for me as I use the water bottle for hot yoga classes and the heat of the room doesn’t seem to affect it. The bottle doesn’t give out any condensation, which means that I can put it inside my bag without worrying that it will get other contents of my bag wet. The bottle doesn’t even feel cold to the touch, which makes drinking ice cold water out of it feel like magic. I got the bobble insulate as a gift in a party goodie bag. In the past, I can’t say that I would pay over $10 for a water bottle. But now that I’ve tried the insulate bottle, I can say that it’s definitely worth every penny.

5. Squelch Odor Removal
Having a regular workout schedule doesn’t mean you have to give up your social life and weekday happy hours. On those days, I just prep ahead and do my workout in the morning. But that also means I’d have to deal with sweaty workout clothes in constant danger of stinking up my bag. Even worse, I work in an open area, so I’m always paranoid that my coworkers nearby can smell the evidence of my morning’s hard work. To combat this, keep the Squelch odor removal handy with me. Best thing about this spray is that it’s odorless and neutralizes the smell instead of just masking it. As a plus, the spray even works on your skin and hair. So on those days when all I have time for is a quickie lunchtime workout, I can use sort of a dry shampoo. I just love stuff that has double duty uses.

Got anything else to add to the list? What’s your secret weapon in keeping a ‘stay fit’ New Year’s resolution?

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