Which Kind of Cat Lady Are You?

August 25, 2017

Cat Lady

I always joke around that I have a cat because my husband wants to be married to me, and I only have one cat because I want to be married to my husband. Honestly if I could have it my way, I would have at least four cats. Hell I might even move to cat island. But since none of those are happening, at least no time soon, I’ll just have to be content with filling my closet with cat-related items.

On today’s post, I’ve got the definitive list of all the cat-cessories every cat lady needs, no matter which kind you are. Honestly I meet all these types and I just flip-flop between them depending on my mood that day.

Downtown Cat Lady
When you’re a cat lady and black and gray happen to be your favorite color.

Kitschy Cat Lady
You wear your cat lady badge loud and proud. The gaudier the cat-cessory, the better, am I right?

Tomboy Cat Lady
You wouldn’t be caught dead in a skirt or dress, and dressy heels aren’t exactly your cup of tea.

Stay-at-Home Cat Lady
Your speed in life is more like “Netflix and Chill” rather than “Party Party Party”.

Fancy AF Cat Lady
Probably can’t afford most things in the list below, but hey a cat lady’s gotta plan for when she wins the lottery, right?

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