Overall, Skirterall, But Most Of All…

August 23, 2017

Topshop MOTO Light Blue Pinafore Dress

We are living in some weird awkward times, man — and I’m not talking about the currently political climate. But rather, I’m referring to the summer-to-fall transitional weather. It’s still pretty toasty and humid here in New York City and I don’t think that it’s going to cool down drastically any time soon. But being the planner that I am, I’m already thinking about how I can transition my summer items to fall, and also how I should shop for items that I can wear now and later. The best way to do this is to pick items that layers well, and the skirterall is one of them.

If you’ve never heard of a skirterall before, it’s because I may have very well made this term up LOL. You may find this piece of clothing alternatively being called an overall skirt, overall dress, or even pinafore dress. Whatever, they’re all the same thing. If you can call a overall-shorts combo a shorterall, skirterall is a totally valid term for an overall-skirt combo, right? For the current humid days, I’ve been a fan of layering crop tops underneath my skirterall. But come fall, I can totally see myself layering a long sleeve shirt or a thin sweater underneath, with maybe even opaque tights on extra chilly days.

So go ahead and get that skirterall you’ve been eyeing, because you wont be able to wear it just this month, but in the next seasons to come as well.

Topshop MOTO Light Blue Pinafore Dress

Topshop MOTO Light Blue Pinafore Dress

Topshop MOTO Light Blue Pinafore Dress

Of course, a good skirterall outfit ain’t nothing if it’s not accessorized correctly. And being a self-professed cat lady, you know I had to cat-cessorize it. Yup, I totally just made up another word!

Creatures of Comfort small box bag

Ripndip Lord Nermal Six Panel Hat

Ripndip Lord Nermal Slides

Skirterall are not just made of the denim variety. They come in all shape, size and colors. Below you can find the one I’m wearing in this outfit post as well as a bunch others that I’ve got my eyes on.

Outfit Combo: MOTO light blue pinafore dress from TopShop, ribbed crop vest from TopShop, small box bag from Creatures of Comfort (find similar here and here), watch from Christian Paul Watches, elaina bracelet from Kendra Scott, pink lord nermal six panel hat from Ripndip, lord nermal slides from Ripndip.

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  • Liz Shepard August 24, 2017 at 10:51 am

    I so love all the cloths you are wearing, esp. the jean jumper might be very cool wearing a sandal

  • Varuna Jithesh August 29, 2017 at 5:11 am

    Nice Outfit..