Away With The Laces

December 13, 2016

Adidas Stan Smith Velcro
Tell me if you’ve had this problem: you’re (as usual) running late and hurrying to leave your house. Your significant other (or whoever else you’re holding up) is waiting for you not-so-patiently by the door. “Okay, okay, I’m ready, just got to put on my shoes,” you say. Then you do that thing where you try to to do it without actually untying the shoelace, which is a futile effort.

Times like these is when I get really frustrated with lace-up shoes and why my slip on espadrilles was on heavy rotation in the summertime. But alas, the weather it way too cold for that — boots and sneakers is pretty much a required footwear choice for the foreseeable future. Of course, being the committed lazy efficient person that I am, I thought there must be an easy way to do sneakers sans laces. All of this without compromising style, of course. Then the light bulb went off: what about Velcro? Duh! Those shoes are awesome and were a favorite of mine when I was a little kiddo. So why not now?

Surprisingly, the choices for stylish Velcro footwear, specifically those that’s not of the kids department, is not in abundance. I mean come on, us adults want Velcro too! So with some research, I found the white Adidas Stan Smith Velcro sneakers at StyleBop. I love them! I don’t know why I didn’t think of having Velcro sneakers earlier.

I know it’s only mid-December. But I’m already thinking of adding “own more Velcro sneakers” in my new years resolution for 2017. Read on to see my picks for potential addition to my Velcro sneaker arsenal.

Adidas Stan Smith Velcro

Adidas Stan Smith Velcro

Adidas Stan Smith Velcro

Velcro Sneakers

My favorites (listed in clockwise order from top left):
 ♥ Marni Velcro Sneakers $740
 ♥ Steve Madden Electryc Sneaker – $59.95
 ♥ Marni Velcro Hi-Top Sneakers – $660
 ♥ Rebecca Minkoff Becky Metallic Stud Strap Sneakers – $150
 ♥ Michael Kors Craig Sneaker – $124.95
 ♥ Guess Jailo Velcro Sneakers – $69.99

Outfit Combo: wool cashmere chester coat from Uniqlo, sweater from Uniqlo, flawless vixen ripped ankle skinny jeans from Joe’s, stan smith leather sneakers from Adidas, backpack from Urban Outfitter.

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  • Kelly December 18, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    Such a great winter look and I love those metallic options!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes