FABB Sip and Shop

June 25, 2012

This past Saturday, the fashion and beauty bloggers of SAFABB got together at Adelante Boutique for a fun filled afternoon of mojitos, mini-facials and what else…shopping! Aside from getting to hang out with these lovely fashionable ladies, I also got to tried out a new hairdo (courtesy of The Platform) and of course did some damage to my American Express credit card.

Outfit Combo: sikly sleeveless top from Frenchi (via Nordstrom), shorts from H&M, leather toggle belt from American Apparel, sandals from Joie and clutch from ASOS.

If you’re really attentive, you’ll notice there’s a new piece of accessory adorned around my neck that wasn’t in the previous picture. Yes, it’s part of my loot from Adelante! ^_^

The funnest part of day was popping one of these balloons to find out what discount I got: 10%. I was hoping for a bit more than that — but hey, it beats paying full price!

Set up for the Arbonne facial tutorial, which I was too chicken to join for fear of messing up my make-up LOL.

I almost got this bag too, but I decided last minute that I’ve done enough damage to my credit card for the day with the necklace.
Maybe for next time! :)

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  • Mira June 25, 2012 at 8:38 am

    Well 10% is better than nothing. The necklace looks great. I think i would have bought the cute bag too. You look pretty and the sandals wow!!!!


  • Gita June 25, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    Thank you Mira! :)