Nail Tutorial: How To Remove Gel Polish

September 9, 2013

Oh gel polish, how I have a love/hate relationship with you… I love how you stay on pretty for two weeks. But when I want you off, you don’t seem to want to get away. Of course the times when I need a polish change usually coincides with the times that my schedule is the busiest and I don’t have time to go to the nail salon.

But guess what, you can don’t need to go to a salon to remove gel polish. You probably already have all the tools needed: cotton ball, acetone, and foil. Read on to find out how easy it is!

STEP 1: Cut the aluminum foil into 2 x 2 inch squares and separate the cotton balls into 10 thin strips.
At this point I’m wondering why I doing this on carpet and risking disaster, so I’m moving to the bathroom sink.

STEP 2: Pour a capful of the acetone out and dip the tip of the cotton strip in it. This will allow you to soak the cotton without making a mess. Put the soaked cotton strips on your finger, ensuring that all of the polished nail is covered.

STEP 3: Wrap the finger with aluminum foil squares. Keep the foils on for 10-25 minutes (the longer the better).
Now would be a good time for you to catch up with your Netflix queue.

STEP 4: Take the foils off of your fingers in a “squish, twist and pull” method — don’t be shy with it, get angry at your finger! If there are some polish left, gently scrape it off using an orange stick. Finish off by buffing your nails and putting copious amounts of cuticle oils, since acetone can really dry out your skin.

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  • caroline September 9, 2013 at 11:01 pm

    This is great, I love how easily it came off!

  • Kristina A. October 3, 2013 at 1:29 am

    Awesome ! Wonder if it’ll work with acrylic