Review: Kiehl’s BB Cream

June 4, 2013

Most days, especially on the weekend, I prefer to go sans-makeup. Unfortunately, my bad habits of picking on my face has left me with some acne scarring. Thank goodness for Kiehl’s BB Cream for coming to the rescue! This recent addition to my Can’t Live Without list is a tinted moisturizer that provides great coverage and gives you the added benefits of correcting your skin tone. How? It contains Vitamin C, known for its powerful clarifying action, and has SPF50 to protect you from future skin damage.

BB Cream gives me the just the right amount of coverage. And since it’s basically a moisturizer, it feels natural and doesn’t “cake” on my face. To prove my point, I’ll even let you see me without make up (eeek)!

Before and After:

During those rare times when I feel that I need extra coverage, BB Cream works as a great primer under my Bare Minerals powder. This miracle cream is a bit price for me at $37, but it’s totally worth it.
Check out Kiehl’s site to read more about the BB cream and see more before and after pictures.

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  • caroline June 6, 2013 at 12:56 am

    Oh, I didn’t realize they had a BB cream, how great! You can definitely see a difference in that picture!

  • Bryant G. Carr June 10, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    It didn’t cause any breakouts but I think I need to use it up fully in order to see if it actually did something for tone irregularity. I think that aspect is covered by the pigment mostly, wouldn’t count on a bb cream to give excellent vitamin C delivery. The sunscreen part on the other hand is good, just don’t see myself reapplying this every hour. Pigment on pigment on pigment will make me an oompa loompa.