Nail Design Tutorial: Holiday Nails

December 11, 2013

One of my favorite holiday party theme is the ‘ugly sweater’ party. I just love going balls out, putting on the most ridiculous and gaudy thing I can find. This nail design is going to be the perfect companion to go with my uggo-sweater find!

To create the design, you’ll need a nail brush and nail polish color in white, red, and gold.

How to do it:
Start off with painting your nails with a clear base, then paint them with two coats of blue polish white polish.

  1. Draw the base of the tree using the green polish.
  2. Using gold polish, draw a large dot on the top of the tree to make the star. Using the red polish, draw several smaller dots on the tree to make the ornaments. Note: you really can use any color you want — gold and red happens to be the color I have on hand.
  3. Draw the base of the cane using red polish .
  4. Using white polish, draw smaller lines to complete the candy cane.

Finish off your masterpiece by topping it off with a clear top coat. You can also top off your plain nails with glitter polish like I did.

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