Get Ready Quick Tip #8734

October 18, 2017

I am the worrrsssst on going to bed early — I’m always struggling to wake up in the morning and I love me snooze button. But you know the danger of frequently snoozing, is that more times than often you snooze for way longer than you’re supposed to. I can’t tell you how many times I end up having to scramble getting ready in the morning because I woke up late. Because of this, I am pretty much of the master of putting an outfit together in a flash.

Here’s a pro-tip for getting an outfit together in 5-min or less. Start with a base of all black: for this outfit I chose the a simple black tank and accordion pleated pants. Then, simply top it off with a layering item of another color. This can be an oversized tee, blazer, or a bomber jacket — anything you have handy in your closet, really. I bet you that you don’t even need to shop for extra items to pull together this look.

But just in case you want to add more layering pieces to your closet, I’ve selected some of my favorite pieces from West Kei on this blog as well. Read on to see the full look and my favorite pieces.

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Versatility of a Bow Tie Shirt

October 16, 2017

Bow Tie Shirt

When I tell people that I run a fashion blog, one of the inevitable question I would get is: so what is your style like? That is a (sort of) loaded question that’s hard to define, don’t you think? How do you box yourself into a category. Some days I like to dress a little wacky, while other times I’m more of a minimalist. Depending on how the month goes, I might have more wacky than minimalist dress. But, whether I’m dressing wacky or minimalist, there is one underlying factor that guides my shopping: clothing versatility. On the real though, I dislike buying things that I don’t think will get a lot of wear. If I can’t think of how to style an item at least three ways, just on top of my head, then I’m not buying it.

Well this bow tie shirt has been a recent favorite of mine because, you guessed it, there are so many ways to style it. And I’m not talking bout about pairing it with different items, just the shirt itself has a different vibe to it when you tie it in the front or in the back.

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Tulle Shift Dress

October 12, 2017

RE:NAMED Tulle Shift Dress

I’ve been looking to incorporate the sheer tulle shift dress into my wardrobe mix ever since I saw it on a fellow blogger. I kinda always thought this was one of those trend that might be juuuuuust a little too edgy for me. Mind you, not that I don’t strive to be fashion forward. But I find that when I go too ham on some trends, I just end up looking like I’m trying too hard — and that is not a good look on anyone.

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Layering with a Shirt Dress + Charming Charlie Giveaway

October 10, 2017

GAP Denim girlfriend shirtdress

Here we go again: I was all excited about donning my fall gear, but the weather is being weird. Luckily as a self-professed the master of transitional dressing, I’m all about wearing a piece of clothing different ways, and sometimes even in ways that’s not its intended use. When I got the denim shirt dress, I was expecting to wear it paired with tights, boots and maybe even a cute over-sized cropped sweater layered on top. I will eventually do this later, but it is not yet cold enough for that. So for now I’m wearing the shirt dress as a sort of light jacket, layered on top of crop tops and a breezy pleated skirt. In the event that the temperature dips enough for me to feel a bit chilly, I can always button up. Gosh I just love the versatility of an over-sized shirt dress.

Read on to see more of this outfit and my top favorite over-sized shirt dress picks. Oh and spoiler alert: there’s also a Charming Charlie giveaway at the end of this blog!

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Two-Piece Lil’ Black Thang

October 6, 2017

PARIS SUNDAY Women's Short Sleeve Textured Ponte Two-Piece Skirt Set

Gotta love the little black dress. It’s great on it’s own, can be accessorized with pretty much anything, and not to mention that they make great layering pieces. So what can make an LBD even better? Make it a two piece and it’s no even more versatile.

PRO TIP: the versatility of two piece LBDs means that they’re also great to pack on your travels.

Read on to see more outfit photos and some of my favorite LBD and LBJ (lil black jumpsuit) picks.

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Japan Travel Guide, Part 3: The Tokyo List

October 3, 2017

Japan Travel Guide

Oh Tokyo, what a wonderful city you are. You may play second fiddle to Kyoto, my favorite vacay spot in Japan, but that doesn’t mean you’re not fun. Hell, the funnest time I’ve had in Japan, hands down, is playing real life Mario Kart down the streets of Tokyo.

Just like Kyoto, the attractions of Tokyo are pretty spread out (probably even more so). So get ready to either shell some money on Uber or walk a whole lot. This trip is going to leave your feet tired, your belly happy, and your heart full. Without further ado, let’s get down to business and list out my favorite places in the city.

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Japan Travel Guide, Part 2: The Kyoto List

September 29, 2017

Japan Travel Guide

Tokyo, I’m so sorry: if I had to play favorites between the places I visited during my Japan trip, Kyoto would have to be my favorite. Not saying that all big cities are the same, but there’s something about living in New York City that tends to make me favor smaller or rural locales as my favorite vacation spots. I also love visiting places that are old and rich in history and imagine what lives were like long ago. Kyoto was the capital of Japan from 794 through 1868, so it is most definitely steeped in history.

The city’s many monuments and attractions, which includes thousands of shrines, are a bit spread apart. And since it’s probably impossible to be able to hit all of them in one visit, it’s important for you to make list of all the spots you want to hit ahead of time. Kyoto is also a well known tourist city, and people from all over the world flock to this destination all year round. So if you want to get those good instafodder shots, you better be an early riser.

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Japan Travel Guide, Part 1: Overview + Elf Giveaway

September 25, 2017

Japan Travel Guide

A few weeks ago I had what is undoubtedly one of the best trips of my life: a week visit to Kyoto and Tokyo. I grew up reading Japanese comic books and watching Japanese cartoons (shoutout to Mari-Chan, Doraemon, and Sailor Moon), so this has been on the bucket list for as long as I can remember. To say I am excited to be writing about my experience is an understatement. I literally started a Google doc of all things I wanted to talk about during the actual trip, just so I can keep a note of all the awesomeness of Japan. It quickly became apparent that there is no way I’m going to be able to include everything in one post. There are so many interesting quirks of Japanese customs and travel, that I thought it would be appropriate to start there before I even delve into the hotspots of Kyoto and Tokyo.

As a title suggest, there will be a giveaway at the end of this rainbow, so hold on giveaway lurkers.

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Chillin with Thann and Thailand Trust Mark

September 19, 2017

Thann Nano Shiso Revitalizing Face Mask

Have you ever taken a vacation and feel like you need another one immediately afterwards? That’s how I was feeling after my most recent trip. Readjusting from the huge, pretty much opposite, time change was rough to say the least. I spent last week in a daze feeling like an out-of-whack zombie. So I knew I had to schedule in some major pampering time this past weekend.

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The Last Crop

September 15, 2017

TopShop Lulu Ribbed Crop Top

I always feel conflicted at the change of the season from Summer to Fall. On one hand I do love all the layering possibilities that comes with Fall. But man I am not ready to say goodbye to my crop tops just yet. To be honest I plan on sporting these babies until the arctic breeze rolls through. A little breeze ain’t gonna stop me from doing the crop top. All I need to do is just layer a blazer over this and I’ll still be good to go. But hey it’s becoming more and more acceptable for me to don all black (one of my favorite go to), so I guess the season change is not all bad.

What about you guys? Have you retired and packed your crop tops for the year already?

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