5 Best Places To Get Matching Family Pajamas

December 9, 2018

Best Places To Get Matching Family Pajamas

Hi guys, I’m back! And hopefully will be blogging more regularly from now on. A lot of you guys are asking me for an update on life with Maxine, and I’ve got that coming soon (promise).

For now, let’s talk about matching pajamas! The whole idea of matching pajamas started because I was trying to think of what to do for our holiday card photos. I wasn’t one for doing holiday cards before, but I thought that it’s a nice way to keep family and friends updated on Maxine. Fellow blogger and friend, Megan Zietz of TF Diaries, did matching pajamas for their pregnancy announcement last year and I thought that it was such a cute idea. Plus I love that you get to be lazy and shoot the photos at home in bed (bonus).

Although it makes for a great holiday card theme, you definitely don’t need to have a planned photoshoot to get matching family PJs. I think it’s a great way to get the family together and possibly even start a holiday tradition.

Read on to see my five favorite places to get matching family pajamas.
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How to Prep for a Hospital Newborn Photoshoot

July 12, 2018

How to Prep for Hospital Newborn Photos

Did you guys know that you can have professional newborn photos taken at the hospital? I had no idea and found this by accident on one of my Facebook mom groups. At first I thought, why bother? I could just have my husband take the photos. Plus my parents had planned on being at the hospital, so I could also have my dad (who’s a professional photographer) take the photo. But then I realized that my family is part of the birth experience. They should be in front of the camera, not be behind it.

This is why I was so happy to find Bella Baby. They take the worry and hassle out of taking the photos on that very special day. Did I mention they’re also total swaddle experts / baby whisperers? Being a first time mom, who at the time was still trying to figure out how to calm Max when she’s upset, I can’t believe how well they do with babies. I guess it makes sense if that’s what you do on a day-to-day basis. Best part about Bella Baby is that you don’t need to make any commitments ahead of time. Bella Baby is on site at several hospitals throughout the US (I delivered at NYU). The actual photo session is complimentary and you don’t need to make the decision to purchase until you get the photo proofs.

So you’ve decided that you’re sold on having a professional take your newborn photos. But how would you prep for the shoot? Read on to find out how to prep for a hospital newborn photoshoot.

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What to Pack in Your Maternity Hospital Bag

July 6, 2018

What to Pack in Your Maternity Hospital Bag

Hey guys, long time no see! I’m finally back from my baby-imposed blogging hiatus. I’m no dummy so I didn’t think the first couple of weeks of parenthood would be a breeze. But boy, this first time mom really did underestimate how much of my time baby Max will take up. Maybe this is different for moms who are not exclusively breastfeeding, but I feel like pretty much my entire day is taken up with feeding, changing diapers, or rocking the baby to sleep. I’m learning as I go, slowly getting the hang of things, and finally feel like I’m at the point where I can steal some free time to write a blog. And of course the first topic on hand is what I packed on my maternity hospital bag.

I meant to write this one before I had the baby. But the good doctors at NYU decided that my belly Max’s apartment is getting too cramped for her and she needed to come a bit early. So writing the blog pre-baby didn’t work out quite as planned. On the flip side, this also meant that I am able to actually test the items that I brought with me. You want to know which items were lifesavers and which ones I could’ve left at home? Read on to find out.

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Take The Guesswork out of Tracking Contractions with Bloomlife

June 12, 2018

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bloomlife. All opinions are 100% mine.

Bloomlife Contraction Tracking

I remember being asked by my OB in one of my check-ups if I’ve been feeling any Braxton Hicks contractions. My best answer to the question is unfortunately one big shrug emoji. I knew what Braxton Hicks contractions are, but I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to feel like (and thus no idea if I’ve been having them). Apparently you can have these “practice contractions” as early as 7 weeks — although first time moms-to-be may not feel them until 17 weeks or later (or maybe not at all). A quick search online tells me that most describe it as a “tightening of the stomach”, while some say it’s akin to period cramps. Well I don’t think I’ve felt that…or maybe I sort of have? There were times when I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with a feeling like I’m in the middle of doing an ab crunch. Was that Braxton Hicks? Or is my belly just getting so big that it literally takes the effort of doing a sit-up crunch to change sleeping positions? Or maybe I dreamt it all? Crud, how do I know if that was a contraction or not?

Lucky for me, and all the moms-to-be out there, we’re living in an era of fem-tech revolution. From apps that track your cycle to period discs that provide an alternative to tampons, there are so many female-targeted new technology coming out that aim to make our life easier. One of these innovation that I’m so happy to discover is Bloomlife. This app and sensor combo helps me take the guesswork out of tracking my contractions. Read on to find out how Bloomlife works and why I’m such a huge fan. Also, since paying full price is totally overrated, I’ve got an exclusive discount just for you guys.

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8 Best Places to Shop for Maternity Wear

June 7, 2018

Storq Maternity Mini Dress

For the longest time I resisted buying maternity clothes. It worked for awhile since I didn’t really change in size much until around Christmas break, which I spent in the relatively mild winter weather of Texas. Most of that time I spent lounging my sweat pants and old t-shirts. When I do go out, I relied on my oversized tops and skirts with stretchy waistbands. I just hiked up the elastics over my belly. It wasn’t until I came back to the New York winter weather that I realized there’s no escaping buying maternity clothes — and I desperately need to get a pair of maternity tights to cover my cold legs.

But once I accepted my fate, I realized I had another problem. I really just have no clue where to shop for maternity wear. When I think of maternity wear, the stuff that comes to mind are maternity stores like Pea in the Pod. But really is that all there is? And do I really need to shell out $70 for a pair of jeans that I’m only going to wear for a few months? The answer is of course no and no. I’ve rounded up for you eight of my top favorite stores, that will cover all the budget and style you can think of. Read on to check out the complete list and see more of this outfit.

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How To Fit a Nursery in a 1-Bedroom Apartment + Davinci Baby Crib Giveaway

June 1, 2018

Fitting a nursery in a small space

When I made the announcement that I was pregnant a few months ago, some people asked me if that means I will be moving back to Texas. My answer of course is a resolute no. I love New York City and have no plans on moving — at least not anytime soon. But on the real though, we did not think we’ll be here this long (October will be our 6th year anniversary), let alone have a baby in the city. It’s no secret that cost of living in NYC is not cheap, so I always thought my timetable for being here was limited to when hubs and I decide we’re going to start a family. Only really rich people have kids and live in Manhattan, right?

Well that’s not really true. Not long after I moved here I met a good amount of people who are successfully raising kids in the city. And they’re not rich trust fund babies or hedge fund managers either. For obvious reasons, city dwellers just live a different lifestyle than their suburban counterparts. You don’t have backyards, so you go to the public park instead. And parents take the bus or walk their kids to school instead of driving (kick scooter seems to be a must have for city kiddos so they can keep up with their parent’s walking pace and not tire out too easily).

One big mental shift I had to make in family planning is the living situation. For the longest time I thought that I should have at least a two-bedroom before we even start trying. I’m glad we threw that idea out the door because it took us nearly two years to get pregnant. That would mean that we would’ve been forking out extra rent money for no good reason. After I got pregnant though, we still decided that we’re going to stay in our one-bedroom for at least a year — mostly because it’s the cheaper route to go. But it turns out that staying put is also better for the baby. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies sleep in the same room as their parents for at least the first six months (ideally for one year). Doing so can cut the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS by 50%. That’s a pretty good bonus benefit.

I’m pretty lucky to be living in a sizable apartment that enables us to fit all of the baby’s stuff in our bedroom. But still, some adjustments had to be made to do this. Read on to see how we merged our existing furniture with the baby’s. Oh also, did I mention that there will be a Davinci Baby Crib giveaway at the end of this blog?

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#Week37 Bump Report: The Struggle Is Real

May 29, 2018

Week 37 Bump Report

So far, I have been lucky to have a pretty smooth pregnancy — or at least compared to stories I read on online forum and heard from fellow moms anyway. But even the easiest pregnancy is no walk in the park. For me, what makes things easy is not because I avoided the worst of the symptoms. Rather it’s because I deferred many of them to later in the pregnancy. Eventually though, those not-so-fun pregnancy calamities does catch up. In a nutshell: everything is just harder to do now, whether that’s trying to stay stylish (yep will never stop trying) or keeping focused and alert at work. But hey, I’m not complaining. I’ve got less than 3-weeks to go until my due date and I know I can power through this. Because that cutie at the end of the tunnel will be so worth it.

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One Bumpin’ Jumpsuit

May 23, 2018

Storq Maternity Jumpsuit

I love me a good jumpsuit. I always think of them as adult onesie: a stylish shortcut for lazy peeps like me. I never really thought that getting pregnant will affect my ability to wear them — and this was true in the beginning as I was able to still wear a good amount of my jumpsuits during the first trimester. But that quickly change after a few months. I even more bummed out when my search for a jumpsuit didn’t bode out real well. Even ASOS, which has pretty much everything, didn’t have a jumpsuit that I like.

Then one day I randomly got an email from Storq. I’m so happy that they found me because I’ve never heard of them up until then. They’ve got the most fabulous collection of maternity wear with understated minimalist design. I’m into pretty much every piece on their site, but what I really fell in love with is the jumpsuit. It has the perfect blend of comfort and style. And because it’s made from stretchy sweater knit fabric, it works throughout all 9-months of the pregnancy and beyond. Even better, even though its zippered it’s stretchy enough on the top for me to slip in-and-out of without having to use the zipper. Everyone knows going to the bathroom is the bane of every jumpsuit wearer. And this pregnant mama has to go to the bathroom every 15-min (or at least it feels like I do) so any outfit that is complicated to get in and out of is out of the question.

I have a feeling I will be wearing this jumpsuit way beyond my pregnancy. Read on to see more photos of the outfit and let me know what you think of it.

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Things To Do in Montauk (Besides Laying Out By The Pool)

May 22, 2018

Montauk Travel Guide

I was itching to have one last beach hurrah before I’m on baby lockdown and have a temporary travel ban imposed on me. So after convincing hubby that I was unlikely to go into labor at 34-weeks (I looked up the statistic and I believe the likelihood statistically is at 5%) we decided to go to have a weekend getaway to Montauk a couple of weekends ago. On calendar the timing seemed perfect: it was the beginning of the season and rates were cheap, I was early enough in my pregnancy that I’m unlikely to deliver, and it happened to coincide with our wedding anniversary.

Well as Murphy’s law would have it, what can go wrong will go wrong. The week was sunny and beautiful and the weather literally turned ugly the evening we got there. Who knew I needed to pack for sweaters and thicker jackets for a beach trip in May? Unwilling to have a little inclement weather ruin our weekend, we decide to make the best out of it. And hey, now I have a plethora of suggestion of things to do in Montauk besides the obvious of laying out by the pool and the beach. Read on to check out my full list.

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How to Shop for Swimwear When You’re Expecting

May 14, 2018

How to Shop for Maternity Swimwear

Shopping for swimwear was never something that is fun for me. I’m always stuck between that conundrum of getting the cool shaped suit vs not wanting to get a funky tan line. Also you gotta think about whether how that suit’s gonna hold up after lunch (what? I like my poolside snacks). Add pregnancy to the list of suit requirements, and dayumn the search seems to be impossible. But no worries, I got a list of practical tips that will make shopping for maternity swimwear a cinch.

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#Week32 Bump Report: Reality Check

April 24, 2018

Nobody said that pregnancy was going to be a picnic, but boy I sure was naïve and had some unrealistic expectations about it. To be fair, prior to, my main reference point for all things pregnancy was the movie Knocked Up. Not exactly comprehensive. Those of you who are already moms will probably chuckle at some of my “expectations vs reality”. But I thought I’d take you down memory lane while providing those who are moms-to-be or thinking about becoming moms a dose of what’s to come.

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New York Black + Teleport Shoes Giveaway

April 19, 2018

Teleport Moonstone Boots

Once, while strolling down the city streets, I overheard someone say: “man, New Yorkers sure love to wear black”. Yep, you got that right. Black is an all year color for the city — if there ever is a uniform for New York, it would most definitely be an all-black ensemble. Even in the Spring time, when wearing color seems to be a pseudo-requirement, you’ll find plenty of black alongside the floral and paisley prints. I’m totally cool with this because I look pretty good in black (but then again, who doesn’t).

One of my favorite things to do when wearing an all-black outfit is to add pops of texture and colors with my accessories. This time I did it with my Quilted Koala silver metallic backpack and Teleport jeweled moonstone boots (spoiler alert: I will be giving the later away at the end of this post).

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Printed Dresses + H&M Giftcard Giveaway

April 17, 2018

H&M Printed Dress

What is it about the coming of Spring that ushers in a wave of prints? Probably because we spent all that time cooped up in shapeless sweaters, hiding any fun patterned tops we might have on under a thick layer of coats and scarves. I know I was probably overzealous and got my printed dresses way early in the season, in the hopes that I would survive the early Spring chill since it’s a long sleeved maxi. Welp, getting a Spring dress with the hope that the weather will soon turn and cooperate with you definitely did not make it so. There was quite some time between when I purchased this dress and I got to shoot it — as a result it’s sold out already. But no worries guys, I’ve got oodles of picks for you to choose from. And they’re all under $50. Better yet, I’m having a giveaway for one lucky reader to win a gift card to H&M, so you can get your Spring dress shopping on.

Read on for more deets of this outfit and to find out how you can enter the giveway.

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5 Hacks for Keeping Your Whites White

April 13, 2018

For someone who is clumsy and accident prone, I sure do love wearing whites. They look great in every season and are great contrasting item, especially with my favorite faux-leather jacket. I used to totally avoid wearing them, until I got smart in the art of keeping my whites at their whitest. I promise it’s not as hard as you think it will be with these five hacks.

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Spring Edit: Striped Blazer and Pops of Color

April 11, 2018

Topshop striped suit jacket

I love me some blazers have got myself quite the arsenal of selection in my closet. Just like a good pair of stiletto heels, they really are one of easiest way to elevate and zhush up any outfit (except that the later is way more comfortable). Add it to a basic casual pants/shirt combo and presto, you’re all of a sudden fancy enough for the most nerve-wracking client meeting at work. I would love to have the blazer in my outfit rotation all year long, but I find them hard to do in winter. This is because they’re usually not warm enough for you to survive outside, yet you risk wrinkling them if you layer a winter coat over it — and wrinkly is neither chic or fancy.

So now that the weather is (sort of) getting warmer, I’m finding that I’m busting out my blazers more and more. And why not add a Spring twist to it by wearing colorful ones that add a fun pop of color to your outfit.

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How to Get A Sweats Look That’s All Comfy and No Frumpy

April 6, 2018

Starter Women's Hoodie Dress

Comfy and frumpy are two words that can come to mind when describing an outfit that involves sweats. You guys know that I’m all about being comfy. If you are a fan of sweatshirts (and cozy-wear) but haven’t tried the sweatshirt dress yet, you gotta get on the bandwagon. Seriously, it’s like friggin’ wearing a hug — after all, you’re basically enveloping yourself in a shapeless warm cocoon. Okay okay, so that is probably not the chicest description of an outfit and where the frumpy connotation comes from. But I promise you, you can totally get all the comfort without the frump. Just follow these hacks…

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Shades of Blush

April 3, 2018

Oh Polly Don’t Go Chasin’ Waterfalls Longline Lapel Coat in Lilac

I’m sure you guys are tired of hearing it, because I’m tired of saying it: where the heck is Spring?!? As of the time I’m writing this blog, it’s cold outside and angry thick gray clouds are threatening to release rain at any moment. I’ve heard of the saying “April Showers bring May flowers”, but this rain feels more like the plant killing rather than the plant generating kind. There are days I feel like being really stubborn and wear my spring clothes anyway. But predictably, it’s a decision I soon regret and I end up cabbing it most of the day because I’m too cold to walk around.

So how’s a girl supposed to keep the spirit of Spring when she’s forced to wear her winter gear for the foreseeable future? I’m doing it by bringing Spring colors to my outfit repertoire. I’m not typically one to go for a whole lot of pink, but I just feel like my life is needing that dose of Spring pastel. So I figured, what the heck, let’s go all out and do blush pink outfit.

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#Week28 Bump Report: Only Comfy Clothes Need Apply

March 30, 2018

Daily Ritual Women's Terry Cotton and Modal Sweatshirt Dress in Heather Grey Spacedye

I’ve always been a fan of comfy clothes before, but now that I’m 6-mo pregnant, it’s pretty much all I want to wear. I’m already feeling uncomfortable in my own body, dealing with back ache and chest pains (love you baby girl but you’re squishing my organs), why make myself even more miserable with my clothing?

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Emirati Diaries #4: Exploring Abu Dhabi and Dubai in 48hrs

March 26, 2018

Abu Dhabi and Dubai in 48hrs

Often times I tend to be that person that tries to squeeze in too many things in one go. Case in point: trying to visit an entire country in less than one week. But when it came to visiting the Abu Dhabi and Dubai, I had a real chill approach. This mostly has to do with the fact that the two cities happen to fall at the front and tail end of our our trip. So with us recovering from jet lag at the beginning and pushing through the fatigue at the end of the trip, I knew I didn’t want to overexert ourselves. Kinda negates the whole point of a vacation, no? Besides, we really only had a handful of things on our “must do list”.

But through our experience, we learned that are definitely things that we could’ve improve in our itinerary. I can’t exactly turn back time and re-do our trip over again. But doesn’t mean that I can’t help you build the perfect itinerary.

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Emirati Diaries #3: Desert Safari

March 20, 2018

Looking for the best luxury desert safari in Dubai? I’ve got you!

UAE is one of the countries within the Arabian Desert, so of course a visit there wouldn’t be complete without a desert safari. I’m typically a do-it-yourself traveler that avoids tour groups. Probably because when I think of them, I picture giant buses and a crowd of overzealous buzzing tourist. So when it came to deciding which company to do the safari with, I made sure to do my research. I can’t have just a good safari, I want the best one out there, ya know?

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