Back to Basics: The Fall Edition

October 28, 2016

Uniqlo wool cashmere chester coat

Fall is in full swing and it looks like the cold weather is here to stay. No more highs of 70° — well at least not here in New York City. For me, the change to cold weather is always a bit bittersweet. I miss my sleeveless crop tops and the ablity to rock sexy off shoulder tops sans jackets, that’s for sure. But the drop in temperature also means layering is in play. And, no exceptions, everyone always looks more polished in layers. I love seeing all of the different ways people layer up when I walk outside. The city just looks more stylish in October than June somehow, LOL.

When it comes to Fall basics, a good utilitarian coat comes to mind. Nothing too crazy thick, mind you. We’re in the low to mid 50’s weather territory, so it’s yet not time to bust out that parka that makes you look like one giant blob (thank god for that). My favorite fall go-to coat is the wool and cashmere blend chester coat from Uniqlo. The wool makes the coat warm enough to meet the temperature drop requirement and the cashmere means the coat is super soft to the touch. Who doesn’t want to be enveloped in soft touchable warmth? And as far as color goes, nothing is more utilitarian than Camel because it goes with literally everything. I haven’t even gotten to the best part about this coat: it comes at a sensible price of $149. Talk about the total package.

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Wrapped In Tartan

October 20, 2016

Sanctuary Cassadei Plaid Maxi Dress

There’s nothing better than a wrap dress. It’s versatility means that it can be dressed up or down, not to mention that it gives you an instant slimming effect. So when I saw one in one of my favorite tartan pattern, of course I had to snag it.

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Black with a Side of Denim

October 18, 2016

Sometimes I feel like this blog is sort of my shopping confessional to you guys. Well let me tell you about my latest purchase sin… It really is dangerous to have an office only mere blocks away from the second largest Topshop flagship store in the world (and on the way to some of your lunchtime spots). This is definitely not the first time I’ve come here on the way to get lunch, “just to look around”. But this time I do have a good reason to go in: I had a gift card I got from one of my past fashion week events. Of course being the totally responsible person that I am (read: sarcasm), instead of making a purchase that’s the amount of the gift card, I used it as an excuse to go hog wild at the store.
One of the items that I couldn’t leave the store with was the moto studded super rip mom jeans. I’m a total sucker for good ripped jeans and the studs was just a delicious cherry on top. Plus, I love how Topshop drops all pretenses and straight up calls it “mom jeans”. I get a real kick out of that for some silly reason.
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Haute Hippie

October 13, 2016

Haute Hippie Sleeveless Lace Dress

Fall is definitely in full swing. Everyone is sipping on their PSL and jumping on the OTK bandwagon (that’s pumpkin spice latte and over-the-knee boots for those of you not in the know). Maybe it’s because I’m missing summer. Maybe it’s because OTK boots don’t really work on my short stature. Or maybe I’m just plain in denial. But I’m not quite ready to let go of my sleeveless pieces yet. I’m not sure how it’s going everywhere else, but New York still get slivers of 70° weather here and there. Combined that with my daily routine that involves a lot of waking and body’s tendency to get overheated, my sleeveless shirts and dresses still get a lot of play. For how much longer, though? I’m not sure. But I’m going to keep it up for as long as I can.
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Green Floral

October 7, 2016

Mark & Spencer Printed Daisy Floral Midi Dress

For me floral is a year-round trend that’s not reserved only for spring. But doesn’t mean I’m going to go for a baby blue and pink floral number. It has to be the right fall color, like burnt orange or deep teal. Another awesome thing about this dress is that transition so well from Summer to Fall, and even to Winter (with the addition of the right jacket and tights).

Like the A.L.C. dress, this was a dress that I got from the ShopStyle Social House. Yes, yes, I know, took me long enough to post it. But you know what? There’s two more dresses transition dresses coming your way. So be on the lookout for it!

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Easy Ombré Lip Tutorial + Sephora Gift Card

October 3, 2016

Two Tone Lip Color Tutorial

I am not one of those people who are blessed with great skin, so the day I discovered make up was an amazing day indeed. You could say that I qualify as a beauty addict and make-up lover. Still, I gotta admit that my routine is fairly simple and usually takes less than 15-minutes to do. Today, I’m sharing a tutorial for the “fanciest” lip trick I have in my make-up repertoire. By fancy, I mean that it takes more than a swipe of one lip color. But really though, it’s super simple to do and takes no time at all.

Read on to find out how it’s done. And as a bonus I also paired up with some wonderful bloggers to do three $175 Sephora gift card giveaway so you guys can get all the supplies to do the ombré lip on us!

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Beauty Break with Tazo Tea

September 29, 2016

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tazo®Tea for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Green Tea Honey Face Mask

All the tea lovers in the house raise your hand (got both hands raised over here). Tea is my go-to all day drink. I guess that’s what happens when you work in an office that cranks up the AC on overdrive. When it comes to teas, my favorites are the green blend varieties. Tazo Zen is currently what’s sitting on my work desk and the one that I usually reach for when I need a little warm pick-me-up.

The other day, while I was sipping on my tea and having one of my ADD “let’s ignore work for a few moments” moment, I had a beauty epiphany. The health benefits of drinking tea are widely known. It’s high in antioxidants and has been said to be helpful for everything from burning fat to reducing your risk of cancer. What’s good for inside your body is probably good for your outsides too, right? So I bet my Tazo Zen green tea blend would make for a fabulous face mask ingredient. Plus I’m a huge fan of beauty products made from edible and natural ingredients. A quick search on Google landed me on a whole plethora of DIY tea face mask that’s just begging for me to try. Can you say: hello weekend beauty project?
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Black, White, and Eyeballed

September 26, 2016

Black Swan Clothing Pale White Fleur Sheer Top

In the past, I’ve usually stuck to the rule of having at least one piece of form fitting clothes on me. Either I’ll pair oversized tops with legging-ish pants, or I’ll tuck in form fitting tops into palazzo pants/ full skirts. One way or the other, the final outfit will include some kind of defined waist.
But sometimes you’re just in the mood for loose over-sized clothing. I decided to break the mold this time by pairing a pleated palazzo pant with an untucked white blouse. Being a 4’11’ shorty pants one thing that for sure has to go with an oversized-everything outfit (for me anyway) is a pair of high heels.
I gotta say I’m loving the effect and there’s something that feels high fashion about it. Defined waist, you’re so 2000-and-late!

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Self Portrait

September 19, 2016

Striped Honeycomb-Mesh Midi Dress

Albeit it being a ton of fun, fashion week is probably one of the most tiring time of the whole year. It’s a week of non-stop crazy shows, after party and trekking to-and-from events that are spread out through out the city. Add an advertising day job on top of your blogging alter ego, and it makes for an even more hectic existence. During fashion week, all my outfits have to be carefully planned to meet the style and longevity test. That’s why I am just obsessed with this dress from Self Portrait, as it made for a perfect NYFW outfit. Not only is it stylish but it also practically wrinkle resistant. Because nobody is a fan of the dreaded belly crease on dress.
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