Loosely Fishy

April 28, 2017

Do you guys have stores that are particular weaknesses for you? As in, you probably should not go in that store if you’re trying to save money. Because you just KNOW there is no way you’ll walk in and leave without buying anything. I’ve got a handful of those stores, one of them is Zara. I did an impromptu visit there a few weekends ago, because…well honestly I’m not sure why. Probably because I haven’t shopped in awhile (aka over a month) and I told myself I deserved a treat. I swear I was only here for 15-minutes but it’s amazing the amount of stuff that one can find in a short amount of time when you’ve been shopping deprived. I’m really digging the loose shirt trend that Zara has got going on. I’m mean come on, I’m all about any fashion trend that’s going to let me eat as much as I want. True story: I was on my way to eat massive amounts of tacos right after this photo shoot. And there are so many different ways to wear it. You can do the front tuck (like I did in this post), front half-tuck, or just let it all hang loose. I got three oversized shirts during my visit to Zara, and I’ll be showing you all the different ways to wear in it the coming weeks.

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Springtime Chill + Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

April 20, 2017

TeesAndTankYou TeesAndTankYou Men's Skeleton Rock Hand Crewneck Sweatshirt

So a few weeks ago I told you guys about my love for sweatshirts, specially those from the company TeesAndTankYou. Even though I already had two at the time, I planned to buy more. Well buy, I did. At the time I clicked on the “checkout” button, I was actually thinking: is this such a good idea? We’re at the cusp of great spring time weather and it’s about to get really warm soon. But eh, it’s not expensive and it’s on Amazon Prime. Let’s pull that trigger.
Welp, my trigger finger found the mark and the sweatshirt turns out to be a one of the smartest purchase I’ve made this year. Although we’ve had some great weather, there definitely has been a good amount of chilly days. Plus, for some reason my office thinks that we’ve fast forwarded to Summer and decided to blast the AC. It’s a friggin arctic tundra in my building. As a result, this skeleton rock hand crewneck has been a favorite and on heavy repeat lately.
Want to get a crewneck or graphic tee of your own? We’ll you’re in luck, because I’m giving away $50 gift card to Amazon so you can get yourself one (or two). Read on to find out how you can win.

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Rules To Baring The Midriff

April 18, 2017

The Fifth Label One Way Ticket Jeans

Spring is here and the good 75° weather is finally showing it’s face, albeit intermittently hidden between some colder days. Everybody’s racing to show all the skin that was sadly hidden during the wintertime, even if it makes you look a bit confused. I mean, come on, no two outfit piece is more of an odd couple than the crop top and cashmere-wool coat. But that’s what I had to layer on this sunny but breezy day. Sure wearing a crop top is all fine and great when you’re out in the sun, but once you’re in the shade and a cool spring breeze rolls through? One word, five letters: n-i-p-p-y.

Speaking of baring the midriff, this is something that I’ve only dabbled with of late. In the past, I kind thought that it was a fashion trend that’s reserved only for skinny models with 15% body fat. Sure I like to work out, but I also love cheeseburger and fried chicken way too much to ever have a “model thin” body. So I didn’t think I would ever dare show my tummy. But I’ve recently seen more people of all shapes and sizes donning the bare midriff trend, and it’s making me think twice about my preconception. This got me to start experimenting with more crop tops and bra tops. From all my trial and error, I’ve come up with what I think is a pretty good guidelines to success when it comes to baring the midriff.

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Slip’in Into The 90s

April 6, 2017


Hey do any of you guys know how I can get to Central Perk cafe? Because obviously, I’m dressed to be an extra on the remake of Friends. Juuuuuuustttt kidding. But on the reals, today’s blog has got some serious 90’s throwback vibes.

It started off with the slip dress, which is the perfect layering item for the current “cant make up my mind am I cold or am I nice” Spring weather. you can layer it with a short sleeve or a turtleneck depending on how nippy it is outside.

When I took this picture last weekend, the day weather was awesome: sunny but cool. While your out walking around in the sun, its even nice enough to go sans jacket and bare your arms. But since I knew I was going to be out all day until sunset, I still packed a denim jacket with me for that time when the sun’s away and I’m in the shade.
To top off outfit, I of course had to pair the slip dress with some 90’s appropriate accessories. Nothing screams 90s more than a teeny tiny backpack and Dr. Martens.

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All Flared Up

March 28, 2017

The Fifth Label One Way Ticket Jeans

Legit 100% true story, you guys: I have NOT worn flared jeans in at least a decade. Kind of funny, because it was a long process for me to switch from flare to skinny. And I was convinced I would never do the flare again…until now. Yeah I know, I’m kind of a late adopter when it comes to some styles. But, whatevs, better late than never.

You wanna hear something silly? This flare jeans is actually meant to be an crop jeans. Whoopsies, maybe on the typical model it does. But not on this 4’11” figure LMAFAO. Truth be told, that’s kind of the reason why I’ve been sticking to skinny jeans until now. I typically worn mine cuffed at the bottom, so having jeans that’s a bit long is not really a problem. The cuffed look doesn’t really work out for flare jeans. And really who wants to shell out an extra $45 for alterations after they’ve already spent a bunch of money buying the actual jeans? Welp, now I know: I just need to buy cropped jeans since they’ll pass off as regular jeans on me LOL.

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Big Changes Coming to Mimi & Chichi + Elf Giveaway

March 20, 2017

Update: Congratulations to Lauren L. on winning this giveaway!

The only constant in life is change. I think it’s some Greek dude named Heraclitus said something to that effect. While I’d like to say that I’m a person who rolls with the punches pretty well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I enjoy it. Humans are creature of habits: we don’t like it when people move our cheese around. And I’m no different. But alas, sometimes change is where life takes you and all one can do is make the best of it (and to blog about it, of course).

I apologize in advance, you guys. This blog is going to be a long one. Longer than usual anyways. But I promise there will be a rainbow in the end of this blog (in the form of an Elf giveaway). But hey before we get to that, lemme tell you the full story first.

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Good Witch

March 16, 2017

TeesAndThankYou Good Witch Crewneck

So you guys saw me being bad the other day. And, of course, being the complex woman that I am, I gotta wear two contradictory graphic crewnecks on the same week. Hey, don’t get mad at me, even bad girls can be good every once in awhile!

But for reals tho, I am a huge fan of this brand TeesAndTankYou. The really do have the coolest stuff (and I should disclose that this is NOT a sponsored post, I totally paid for these myself, so I REALLY do love them). There’s definitely no buyers remorse here: this stuff is good quality. I’ve been wearing the hell out of them lately since they’re so comfy, and they have yet to show any sign of wearing out and fraying. Although, I should mention that I’m pretty good at taking care of my clothes. These babies will always be hung dry and will never see the inside of a dryer.

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Bad Witch

March 14, 2017

TeesAndThankYou Bad Witch Crewneck




That was the magic spell I used to conjure winter storm Stella. You know, it’s just like Bloody Mary: you say it three times and then she’ll come. Why did I do it? Mostly because I wanted a midweek break that will let me “work from home” and hang out with my cat.

LOL I’m totally joking, you guys. I only wish I had the power to conjure storms. If I did, I would definitely fill this upcoming weekend with sunshine. Did you know that it’s supposed to snow again in NYC on Saturday and Sunday — what-the-eff is up with that?!? Don’t the weather gods know that I have al fresco brunches to partake in, outdoor runs to take and photoshoots to do? 😉 Anyhow, I hope everyone is staying indoors, warm and cozy, away from winter storm Stella.

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Fur On Fur

March 9, 2017

When it comes to personal style, typically I like to keep it simple and straightforward. My closet pretty much consist of mostly solid colored items that can be easily mixed-and-matched with each other. Sure I have the occasional kooky prints or the odd funky accessory, but really the base of my outfit is usually the “plain stuff”. And then I add the fun goodies only as a bit of an accent. I have this fear of putting on too much and looking like I’m trying too hard. But, ya know, sometimes you just gotta throw out all reservations and fear out the door. That’s exactly what I did when I put together this outfit. Faux fur has been a must-have accessory this winter, and I definitely piled them on. I got so much fur on, I probably need a pimp cup. Not exactly what I would call your “everyday outfit”, but hey you gotta go buck wild every once in a while, right?

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The Most Important Rain Accessory

March 7, 2017

Scan the image above. What would you think is the most important accessory of this outfit ensemble? If you guessed an umbrella, then you’d be correct. I mean, it was a rainy day after all. But the ultimate fashion accessory for a rainy day is not just any ol’ umbrella, but a clear domed one. Get a plain one with lucite handles and don’t even f*ck around with the cutesy pattern. Trust — you’ll thank me later. Printed umbrellas seem like a good idea when you’re getting them, but they’re always pain when you’re actually trying to match them to your outfit. That is assuming that, like me, you still want to look fresh to death even when its pouring out. Clear umbrellas are by definition neutral and goes with everything, with the added benefit of looking way more stylish than the plain black counterpart.

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