Giveaway Friday: Number 4 Haircare + PurseN Make Up Case

March 6, 2015

Number 4 Haircare Giveaway

TGIF! I’ve really been waiting for this Friday too. Weather is so crappy in New York (and in many other parts of the country too) that it doesn’t feel like Winter has left at all. I’m talking about the kind of weather that makes the week feel super drawn out. Isn’t it supposed to be Spring already? Where’s the sun, warmth, and blooming flowers?

Now that I’ve lived up north for a few years, I really understand the need for Spring break. At some point you just need a break from all this snow and horrid weather (especially when the spring weather doesn’t really feel like spring). I hope you guys have a wonderful getaway planned (if not, better get planning). We’ve got the perfect giveaway to go along with that trip. For today’s Giveaway Friday, one lucky reader will win a Number 4 Haircare travel set, perfect sizes to take on your getaway. And to top it off, we’re also giving away a super stylish and cute PurseN make up case.

Read on to check out to find out how you can win.

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March 5, 2015


If you haven’t been able to tell from the super low blog and insta-posts, both Gita and I have been swamped. It feels like we both have travel, people visiting, and oh yea more travel scheduled at the same time. Basically defeating the purpose of having two people, so much for a back-up. On top of all that, anytime either of us attempted to squeeze pictures in the weather wouldn’t cooperate — snowing one day, raining another.

Anyone else get overwhelmed from time to time?

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March 3, 2015


As long as you are bundled up, there are so many fun things to do and see in Minne during the winter. Our latest find is the Ice Castle. Which is just what you would think it is, a castle made of ice. The structure was really awesome in person, especially after finding out that the structure is built using ice from the frozen lakes, which is how the ice has the rich blue color. We went once during the day and again at night because they have a light and fire show. My son and I had so much fun and plan to squeeze in one more trip before the season is over.

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February 25, 2015


I’m kinda obsessed with jeans, alright REALLY obsessed. The down side of my obsession is the cost (sad face). Even if I buy a pair on sale, I still need to have them tailored to fit. I have yet to find a brand/pair of jeans that fit right off the rack. Which is why I have decided to expand my wardrobe into tube skirts and dresses. Tube skirts are great because of the stretchy waist band, goodbye tailoring bill, and they can be dressed down which fits my mom lifestyle better.

Anyone else have an issue wearing jeans off the rack?
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The Woodlands, TX

February 24, 2015

Topshop Midi Bodycon Dress

For those of you living in the colder states, you’re probably thinking that my outfit is looking crazy today. Obviously this blog photo wasn’t taken in NYC because it is crazy cold here right now! I went to visit my dad a few weekends ago in Texas and it’s so nice to be somewhere where the low temp are in the 60s.

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NYFW Recap: Walter Mendez Fall / Winter 2015

February 23, 2015

I have to admit, prior to seeing his collection during the Arts Heart Fashion runway show this past Thursday, I didn’t know much about Walter Mendez. But now he’s forever etched into my brain, as his collection was hands down my favorite out of all that walked down that show. I loved loved loved the silhouette of his dresses, which I daresay will look amazing on most body types. Be on the lookout for this guy — we’re going to be hearing more and more of him and I am more than sure he’s on well his way to famedom.

Read on to see more photos and highlights from his show.

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NYFW Recap: Leanne Marshall Fall / Winter 2015

February 20, 2015

Some of you that are not fashion nerds (but are TV nerds) may recognize the name “Leanne Marshall” — and that’s because she’s the winner of season 5 of Project Runway. Leanne was a favorite of mine that season, so I was very excited to see her show. As a mega fan of Project Runway, I’m always happy to see former contestants parlay their 15-minutes of fame into something real (not that the show was un-real).

But enough of the Project Runway gushing and on to Leanne’s collection. There was a lot of sheer material, flowy fabrics, and some sparkles. All the pieces also had Leanne’s signature feminine sensibility. Far from being show pieces, every look that went down the runway would belong in any fabulous fashionista’s closet. Well…maybe with skin-colored slips underneath some of the more sheer gowns. Because, you know, not all of us are comfortable leaving the house with just pasties and sparkly hot pants underneath sheer dresses.

Read on to see the some of my favorite look from the show.

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NYFW Recap: Desigual Fall / Winter 2015

February 17, 2015

Desigual fashion shows are always a lot of fun to attend — and seems like a lot of fun for the models too, as there were tons of smiles on the flirty models walking down the runway. In true Desigual fashion, of course there were also tons of prints and vibrant colors. Boring is definitely one thing that this fashion show is not.

Read on to see the entire line-up from the show.

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NYFW: Day 1 Outfit

February 16, 2015

Zara Reversible contrast shopper

Ah Fall/Winter New York fashion week: I am sorry to say, you’re not my favorite one of the year. Mostly it’s because I’m not a fan of your single digit weather. Thankfully last Thursday’s weather hadn’t quite got that bad (can’t say the same about today and the rest of the week). Still I had made up my mind that I’m going to dress (mostly) practical that day. Sensible chunky boots, neutral tan, and black was on the menu for the day.

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Recipe: Patron Milkshake

February 12, 2015


What could be better than a milkshake?!?? A milkshake with spiked with Patron XO Cafe, DUH! I decided to add the sprinkle covered chocolate rim in order to make these a little bit more photogenic for the blog.
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