Thanksgiving Oversized Sweater Club + $400 Nordstrom Giveaway

November 16, 2017

H&M Oversized Sweater

Ah Thanksgiving, one of my favorite time of the year. Mostly because it’s one of the times where its socially acceptable to stuff yourself senseless. This is definitely not a time to be donning a tight skirt or a bodycon dress. Of course, you can always go for the sweatpants route, but just in case you want to look a little more put together without the threat of a tight waistband, I got the solution for you: oversized sweater. It’s super versatile as you can style it with tights, leggings, jeans, or even comfy pants. And if at some point of the night you have to loosen your belt (or maybe even undo that top button) no one would be the wiser LOL.

Read on to see more of this outfit and some of my favorite oversized sweater picks. And of course, as the title suggest there will be a Nordstrom gift card giveaway at the end of this blog.

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Sherpa Lined Denim

November 14, 2017

Old Navy Sherpa-Lined Denim Jacket for Women

It’s not much of a secret that your homegirl loves her some denim. I love it so much, I’ve been known to rock the triple-denim, aka Canadian tux, every once in awhile. Out of all the pieces in my closet, my favorite is the oversized denim jacket. It’s super versatile, and literally goes with everything from a casual flannel shirt to a luxe velvet dress. Sadly since my favorite jacket is unlined, the cold November temps has forced me to retire it from my outfit repertoire.

I was feeling lost without a denim jacket in my arsenal, but fortunately Old Navy is here to the rescue. Their sherpa-lined denim jacket is warm enough that I can rock it even through the Fall-to-Winter transition. And since it’s Old Navy, you know I’m not going to have to pay a fortune for it. You can get your hands on this beaut for less than $50!

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Leather and Boobies

November 10, 2017

So the origin of this outfit started off a bit randomly. I don’t know what came upon me, but I decided to look up boobies t-shirt (actual true story and yes I know I’m a bit behind on the “free the nipple” movement). And whadya know, the best place to find them turned out to be Etsy. Also, who would think that there were so many option for this — I ended up getting two of them (blog of the second one to come soon).

And of course, what pairs better with an edgy graphic tee than leather jacket and boots. Top it off and with a baseball hat and tortoise thick-rimmed glasses, and I got myself an (unintentionally) hipsterish look.

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Cool In Leather

November 6, 2017

BCBGeneration Asymmetrical Zip Lamb Leather Moto Jacket

Let’s talk about Fall/Winter essentials. No matter what your style is, whether you’re more into the girly or edgy look, I bet you I know an item that will go with pretty much every piece of F/W clothing you already have in your closet: the leather jacket. I have a pragmatic outlook when it comes to fashion. If I can’t think of how to pair an item with at least two or three things that I already own, then I won’t buy it. The leather jacket is about as pragmatic and stylish as one can get. Not to mention that it adds a automatic “cool points” to your outfit.

Although it’s true that not all leather jacket is the same, there’s definitely no need to pay an arm and a leg for a good quality one. Also, if you’re not into wearing things that used to graze, there are tons of vegan options available. Read to check out the full outfit and to see other leather jacket picks from that you’re gonna want to add to your closet ASAP.

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That Incognito Cat Lady Brand

November 2, 2017

Ripndip Nermal Leaf 2 panel hoodie

I am never one to limit my shopping in the ladies department and definitely not shy about wearing things that are meant to be for guys. When you’re a fan of the oversized trend, the world is your oyster. There are some of my husband’s button-ups that I’m pretty sure I’ve worn more times than him. So when I found the brand Ripndip, I could give two meows that it’s supposed to be a guy’s skater clothing brand. All I know is that they have the sassiest cat, who likes to give people the middle finger, as a mascot. This brand speaks to my inner cat lady so much that I sometime wonder if it’s incongito started by a cat lady LOL. So to say that I am obsessed is an understatement to say the least. I have been slowly building my collection and am definitely not done yet.

Read to check out the full outfit and to see what other favorites I’m planning to add to my Ripndip collection.

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Suede Like Buttah

October 31, 2017

Old Navy Sueded-Knit Moto Jacket for Women

Whenever possible, I like to wear soft things. This way I can touch them throughout the day and creep people out as I lovingly caress my arms and chest. Just kidding, I don’t do it when people are around LOL. But really though, I cant say no to soft things that look good. And this sueded-knit moto jacket is soft like buttah. Even better, since it’s from Old Navy, you know you’re not going to have to pay an arm and a leg for good quality clothing — this jacket is less than $60!

Read on to check out the entire outfit and see even more suede jacket picks for you to get your silky soft fix on.

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Getting Rusty For Fall + Nordstrom Rack Giveaway

October 26, 2017

Nordstrom Rack Abound V-Neck Sweater in Rust

What comes to mind when you think of Fall? Pumpkin spice latte or apple picking? For me the season evokes a specific color: rust. I’ve been so into this shade lately that I’m looking for all sorts of ways to incorporate it into my wardrobe. Thankfully it is a surprisingly versatile color that pretty much goes with everything. You really can’t go wrong trying to pair up a rust-colored item.

Where’s the best place to find rust colored goodies for a reasonable price? Nordstrom Rack, of course! I’m super excited that one just opened mere blocks away from where I live. It’s probably rather dangerous for my wallet, I might add. Well lucky for your wallet, it doesn’t have to cower in fear, because I’m giving one lucky winner a gift card to Nordstrom Rack. This way you can look good without having to sacrifice your grocery money. Read on to see more of the outfit, my favorite rust colored picks from Nordstrom Rack, and to enter the giveaway.
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Cozy in Velvet and Knits

October 24, 2017

I don’t know about you guys, but once the Fall weather starts to dip and things get chilly, all I feel like doing is get warm and cozy. Preferably this means vegging at home under a thick pile of blankets, munching on pumpkin soup, while a Harry Potter marathon is running on the TV. But yeaahhhh, I guess I have to go to work at some point. And since you can’t very well be lugging around a blanket with you (probably not very stylish nor socially acceptable), I’ve got the next best comfy combo for you: soft velvet and knits.

Read on to see more of this outfit and check out my top picks for velvet and knits combo.
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Get Ready Quick Tip #8734

October 18, 2017

I am the worrrsssst on going to bed early — I’m always struggling to wake up in the morning and I love me snooze button. But you know the danger of frequently snoozing, is that more times than often you snooze for way longer than you’re supposed to. I can’t tell you how many times I end up having to scramble getting ready in the morning because I woke up late. Because of this, I am pretty much of the master of putting an outfit together in a flash.

Here’s a pro-tip for getting an outfit together in 5-min or less. Start with a base of all black: for this outfit I chose the a simple black tank and accordion pleated pants. Then, simply top it off with a layering item of another color. This can be an oversized tee, blazer, or a bomber jacket — anything you have handy in your closet, really. I bet you that you don’t even need to shop for extra items to pull together this look.

But just in case you want to add more layering pieces to your closet, I’ve selected some of my favorite pieces from West Kei on this blog as well. Read on to see the full look and my favorite pieces.

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Versatility of a Bow Tie Shirt

October 16, 2017

Bow Tie Shirt

When I tell people that I run a fashion blog, one of the inevitable question I would get is: so what is your style like? That is a (sort of) loaded question that’s hard to define, don’t you think? How do you box yourself into a category. Some days I like to dress a little wacky, while other times I’m more of a minimalist. Depending on how the month goes, I might have more wacky than minimalist dress. But, whether I’m dressing wacky or minimalist, there is one underlying factor that guides my shopping: clothing versatility. On the real though, I dislike buying things that I don’t think will get a lot of wear. If I can’t think of how to style an item at least three ways, just on top of my head, then I’m not buying it.

Well this bow tie shirt has been a recent favorite of mine because, you guessed it, there are so many ways to style it. And I’m not talking bout about pairing it with different items, just the shirt itself has a different vibe to it when you tie it in the front or in the back.

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