Chillin with Thann and Thailand Trust Mark

September 19, 2017

Thann Nano Shiso Revitalizing Face Mask

Have you ever taken a vacation and feel like you need another one immediately afterwards? That’s how I was feeling after my most recent trip. Readjusting from the huge, pretty much opposite, time change was rough to say the least. I spent last week in a daze feeling like an out-of-whack zombie. So I knew I had to schedule in some major pampering time this past weekend.

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The Last Crop

September 15, 2017

TopShop Lulu Ribbed Crop Top

I always feel conflicted at the change of the season from Summer to Fall. On one hand I do love all the layering possibilities that comes with Fall. But man I am not ready to say goodbye to my crop tops just yet. To be honest I plan on sporting these babies until the arctic breeze rolls through. A little breeze ain’t gonna stop me from doing the crop top. All I need to do is just layer a blazer over this and I’ll still be good to go. But hey it’s becoming more and more acceptable for me to don all black (one of my favorite go to), so I guess the season change is not all bad.

What about you guys? Have you retired and packed your crop tops for the year already?

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Best Photoshoot Locations in Manhattan

August 31, 2017

Best Photoshoot Locations in NYC

In my five years living and being a blogger here in NYC, I’ve developed a pretty nice reliable roster of the places I like to shoot at. This list is just a first taste of more post like this to come, because honestly I can write an entire site’s worth of content just on cool places to take photos in the city.

Goes without saying that while these places make for great shoot location, they’re better at one time than another. If you want to play it safe, I recommend going at odd hours or early in the morning. Plus you get the “golden hour” light at that time, so bonus point for you! For those of you who are not local to New York, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the neighborhoods of the city before deciding on a location. Unless you’re planning to UBER everywhere, keep in mind that it’s much easier to travel north-south than east-west. If you’re here for NYFW, for example, you might want to stick to shooting location that’s on the west since, since that’s where most of the shows are.

Figured out where you’re going to be staying and where your shows are? Let’s figure out where you’re going to shoot!

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An Ode To Wrinkle Free Dressing

August 29, 2017

Target Who What Wear Women's Tiered Maxi Print

Let’s play a game of Don’t You Hate When. Actually, let’s make that Don’t You REALLY Hate When. I get soooooo annoyed when I actually take the time to get all dressed up and cute in the morning, only for my clothes to not even make it all the way to work without wrinkling. Oh that dreaded lap wrinkle… You know what I’m talking about: the wrinkle on the tummy area that you get just by sitting down. I get mine from sitting down on the subway, making that rare coveted rush hour seat both a blessing and a curse.

So I’m always super excited to find clothing items that are truly wrinkle resistant, like this polka dot maxi dress from the Target x Who What Wear line. I’ve seriously crumpled this dress in a bag and left it balled up on the floor, and both times it survived with 0% wrinkling. It’s made of 100% polyester, which (I know, I know) gets such a bad rap for being a synthetic fabric. But hey man, I guess that’s the price you gotta pay to live the stress-free live of no wrinkles.

Read on to see more deets of this outfit and to find some of my top picks of wrinkle-resistant items from the Target x Who What Wear line.

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Which Kind of Cat Lady Are You?

August 25, 2017

Cat Lady

I always joke around that I have a cat because my husband wants to be married to me, and I only have one cat because I want to be married to my husband. Honestly if I could have it my way, I would have at least four cats. Hell I might even move to cat island. But since none of those are happening, at least no time soon, I’ll just have to be content with filling my closet with cat-related items.

On today’s post, I’ve got the definitive list of all the cat-cessories every cat lady needs, no matter which kind you are. Honestly I meet all these types and I just flip-flop between them depending on my mood that day.
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Overall, Skirterall, But Most Of All…

August 23, 2017

Topshop MOTO Light Blue Pinafore Dress

We are living in some weird awkward times, man — and I’m not talking about the currently political climate. But rather, I’m referring to the summer-to-fall transitional weather. It’s still pretty toasty and humid here in New York City and I don’t think that it’s going to cool down drastically any time soon. But being the planner that I am, I’m already thinking about how I can transition my summer items to fall, and also how I should shop for items that I can wear now and later. The best way to do this is to pick items that layers well, and the skirterall is one of them.

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Lumene VALO Collection + Giveaway

August 21, 2017

Lumene VALO Collection

Update: congrats to Dana for winning this giveaway.

One of the perks of being a blogger is that you get exposure to all sorts of beauty products. Some of them are made with ingredients that I use every day and very familiar with, like coconut oil. Others from ingredients that makes me scratch my head and go: uh what? I bet most of you probably have never heard of couldberry, which is the main ingredient of the Lumene VALO collection. Read on to find out what is it exactly and how it benefits your skin.
(Spoiler alert: there will be a giveaway to win the entire VALO collection, a value of over $175 at the of this blog.)

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Living In Prints

August 15, 2017

ModCloth Pepaloves Round of Aplomb Midi Dress

Although I have more plain than patterned clothing in my closet, no one can accuse me of being a print-hater. Sometimes you just see a fun printed dress that reminds you of the Chiquita Banana lady, and you know you just have to have it. Better yet if the dress is made of a super comfortable material that is so easy to wear. If it was socially acceptable, I would wear this dress damn near every day. But one thing that is a minus, and I guess also a plus, about attention grabbing prints is that it’s as described: grabs people’s attention. Which means that you can’t have it on rotation as often as a solid colored item. But hey this a great excuse to have even more printed dresses in your wardrobe. Life is short, we should all wear more prints! Read on to view more deets of the outfit and find a round up of my fave printed dresses from ModCloth that will probably make its way to my closet very very soon.

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12 Tips For a Successful Photoshoot + Giveaway

August 11, 2017

10 Tips for a Successful Photoshoot

Update: congrats to Kelly for winning this giveaway.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is “how long have you been blogging?” I honestly don’t remember when I started but I know for sure that it’s been quite some time now. Mimi & Chichi’s earliest post in the archives date back to 2011, and this doesn’t include posts that was lost during one of the site migration. Holy moly!
Since then there have been some changes: my style has evolved and the quality of the photos posted has improved. Thank god for that, because I cringe when I look back at some of my earlier blog post. But hey it’s all good, you live and you learn (not to take photos at midday because the lighting is horrible then). I do wish that I know then some of the stuff I know now. Since there’s no time machine for me to tell past-Gita tips on how to not take a sh*tty photo, I’m gonna share it with you guys instead. And just in case your wondering, these tips are applicable to bloggers and non-bloggers alike.

Also, spoiler alert, there will be a giveaway at the end of this blog for a photoshoot with the lovely and talented Laurel Creative. Lauren is a big part of the reason for the uptick of quality in my photos, so I can’t say enough good things about her. This is a giveaway you’re not going to want to miss.

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Strappy Summer / Layered Fall

August 3, 2017

Elizabeth & James Check Cascading Ruffle Dress

Shopping near the end of a season is always awkward. Do you buy for the current season that you’re in? Or, do you shop for the next season, so you’ll get more wear out of the item that you’re buying? To those questions I say: do both and buy yourself a transitionable item (yup, I just made up that word). When you think of summer-to-fall transition clothing, a strappy dress is probably not the first item that comes to mind. But it’s actually not that hard to take this item into fall. All you need to do is just layer a white thin short sleeve shirt, like Uniqlo’s AIRism scoop-neck tee, underneath. When the weather get’s a bit more nippy, you can layer a long sleeve shirt instead and/or add an extra layer of jacket on top.

My favorite part about this dress is the ruffle detail. It adds that bit of interest that will look good no matter what season you’re wearing it on. Also did I mention I got this dress at Century 21 Dept Store, which means I got it at mega sale. The discounted price, combined with the fact that I’m able to wear this dress in multiple seasons, means that I’m really getting the best bang out of my buck.

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